Messages that ISIS has crossed the southern border into the U.S.A.

Messages that ISIS has crossed the southern border into the U.S.A.

 antique mapIt is time for this entire Nation to wake up! During Happy Hour, office parties, lunches, and it seems like every break we receive at work or sports practice, or music practice or the like it just seems as though everyone turns into the monitoring device for what is going on in the world.

This behavior by any or all of us is drastically unworthy. This weekend the natural, national push of course has been on the topic of “Home-grown terrorists, ISIS members entering the southern border, and concurrently with all of last week it has been ‘Does the President have a Strategy.'” Does any of this sound familiar?

Here is my question: If we have heard about any of this… well it has become incumbent on ALL OF US to get involved and to do something about it.

I realize more than anything that you do not need reminding; yet, let us all face the truth as it has been demonstrated to us for the previous six years.

We do not have adequate leadership in the Nation’s capital. Just stop for a moment and look at congressional ratings. If you have not had the chance allow us to inform you that our Congress has never been rated lower! In fact, how about that “Honorable Senator Harry Reid” from Nevada? Seriously when all things are considered his legacy will be a fabricated historical narrative about ObamaCare. More than that Senator Reid will perhaps go down in history as the least effective senator inasmuch as how much legislation he has not allowed to even be heard by the senate?
How stalwart and unmoving is your President? Well all things being equal his tenure has been divine for unaccompanied minors from whatever nation, and let us not leave out the over a million people with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and on fighting an enemy, “just like Yemen and Somalia”? We wonder if those examples are similar to “don’t cross the red line.”

We are of the opinion that if things are going to change in America we’d all better hope that the Rapture occurs first. If you feel and or believe for a second that we are going to stand-down in whatever exchange between unwanted visitors to our Country, well I am still praising God for the 2nd Amendment — the right to bear arms. 

A simple strategy...

A simple strategy…

Therefore this writing has a purpose — and that purpose is to inspire each and every one who reads this article. I love my country and what we have made her out to be — but I’ll be damned if I will sit back and watch my Nation go down because of an aristocratic Democratic Party or any representatives of it.

As for me to take up a position on the southern border, or be shipped to an spot of activity, or to inspire others, or even go overseas I will do what it takes to preserve the best Nation the world has ever known.


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