Two Realities that are Dividing Americans…

Two Realities that are Dividing Americans…

thinker 14And as for today we hope to inspire you again by illuminating with two different stories what will tear down an organization faster than a team of auditors. Let us put that into perspective for you: When Lehmann Bros., the largest investment banking company in the world went down realistically it was within days of a reported impropriety that occurred with some of the clients money. Well as soon as the biggest goes down it seems as though numbers 2 through 10 are a matter of time — or perhaps just take a look at AIG, American Express, E.F. Hutton, J.P. Morgan, Smith, Barney and Upham, Merrill Lynch, and a host of others that met the same tragic ending.

In today’s writing we want to limit our discourse to two different stories; two stories that we believe are being caused by a mortal divider. However, we are finding out that the wick or fire starter in these two incidents are perhaps coming from the same force.

It is incumbent upon us, as the true recipient of this daunting news — and we believe a division that is being made for the last several years that is destroying America as we know it.

So because of that comment about law enforcement and a particular race of all parties concerned let’s introduce “Beer at the Brewery on the South Lawn at the White House.” This was the answer to a couple of remarks made by President Barack Obama when an individual police officer with the Cambridge Police Department noticed what he perceived as suspicious activity in the high brow district of Harvard University’s faculty living grounds.

The weirdest event that came from that incursion was that the police officer on duty called for back-up before confronting the suspicious individual, who we hasten to add was in fact the resident at the home, but was unable to prove it insofar as he carried no identification. It should be worthy of note here as well that the police officer in this unfortunate incident was the officer who had received the extra training in race relations and he was the responsible person within the department for training and or counseling other officers with respect to whatever matter.

Trayvon at time of shooting (Tattoos?)

Trayvon at time of shooting (Tattoos?)

“I’d imagine if I had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.” This is not even good diplomatic and especially Democrat Party rhetoric to be in or involved around. Why yes of course this rhetoric was delivered by none other than Barack Obama.

The need has arisen again to chase down many writings we have written before that deal with deunifying the people of the United States. ” There is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America – there’s the United States of America.”… Barack Obama

Very quickly and briefly our number 2 story is about professional athletes and their conduct on and off the field; moreover, if they are at home with whoever else is really none of my business. And I hope and wish that someday soon we will see the end of an abusing First Amendment rights of freedom of speech by a unethical media and press.

People of all sorts are and have already made a case against Adrian Peterson, NFL star running back who plays for the 19777-nfl-nfl-logohapless Minnesota Vikings. And this Ray Rice altercation has gotten to be abhorrent. The problem is our desire to rub shoulders with someone of this caliber. Why is it that we take the famous George Washington University and ask their students about a failing government person or policy and then compare those findings with a nude celebrity scam?

If one looked at the NFL as if it were the government, then why would we need courts?

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