Before I become a Misinformed “Official ‘Fool me Twice'” person

Before I become a Misinformed “Official ‘Fool me Twice'” person, I need further examination

Guess he has known along.

Guess he has known along.

And that therefore is my thesis statement as far as this Ebola catastrophe just happens to flare up in Western Sub-Saharan Africa. There is just a bit of difficulty that I am having at the moment — inasmuch as Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Other nations have reported outbreaks of the Ebola virus in Tunis, Cameroon, and Gabon. But in reality what have we really seen and heard? Of course most of our data, at least visually is by way of television. And after what I’ve seen on television with the reloading of maimed victims to and from ambulances produced by networks that maintain license and copy rights here in the U.S.A.

This isn’t to suggest that I board a flight immediately to the region and check for myself; however, with news coming from the White House on everything from the NFL, Michael Brown, and ISIS as well as ISL frankly, I just find all of this difficult to handle. So Mr. Writer, what do you find that alerts you?

One of the largest situations for me to believe is the staffing, and recruitment of this Islamic organization. Oh yeah, I saw the speech at the new conference where even our own President Obama, dismissed the notion of ISIS being a part of Islam. I think I speak to every Geography teacher in our Nation about how do we teach our students where Islam is on the map.

Outside of that I am still at odds whenever President Obama brings up or addresses Islam; actually to the point now where we should definitely toss in his entire role of America being number 1 insofar as I see and feel the president’s loyalty leaning toward Islam.

As part of the consensus who here reading will attest to the fact that 2 to 3 months ago when we were made to knownuclear_explosion_596x283-340x161 about ISIS, when at that time alleged they had an operational battle ready force of 2,500 to maybe 3,500 men willing to participate in Iraq, Syria, and within weeks now it has become the United States who they have added to their list.

Furthermore, it is alleged that ISIS forces are now getting close to 40,000 troops with a cadre (leadership) of Saddam Hussein’s former officers and bureaucrats. Now someone’s got to help this writer out — weren’t those guys at one time in the suit of Clubs?

I have just one more thing to put forward for this little morsel. It appears as though the Islamic nations are refusing to coalesce with the U.S. Americans with their problems. Right then… Iran doesn’t want to get involved, Iraq’s former spit-shined Army ran when there was sound of the first gun shots, Saudi Arabia will allow some small interim bases to be built but no men, Syria well…Syria has their own problems with the anti-Assad counter terrorists, who we plan on taking a year to train with our money, guns, bullets, grenades, and your basic “whatever they need.”

nukeemOkay then what area we are presenting is the Middle East up to Turkey, or Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, perhaps Pakistan and even Jordan along with Saudi Arabia as well as maybe Egypt, Libya, Niger, Chad, and the Central African Republic getting involved also for Allah’s sake.

I suggest to you now that the option of low range nuclear weapons be brought to the table.


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