Are you experiencing Shock and Awe!


These circles with the intensity of color shows concentration of the coalitions enemies.

Are you experiencing Shock and Awe!

I do not know about you folks but I sure did not. Compare for instance what happened to Baghdad in 1991 then again in 2003 and there really is nothing to compare with regards to Shock and Awe!

However it was nice to see the targets being hit; moreover, from what jet, bomber, or Tomahawk missile, stealth aircraft, and whatever else was used in those bombing raids. Yet, the most significant comparison cane at the behest of from whom they were delivered by. I was delightfully surprised to see some unexpected coalition partners deciding to take it to the limit and putting their fair share into their own self-defense. Believe it or not, and I would love to say that it was a grand surprise.

Now all things being equal it appears as though some of the enemies strategy was kept from the general public and in most situations of war I believe that is precisely what should be done. However then again, we have been brought into the trough by some of those with bragging rights or politics being their prime motivator.

It sure seemed as though the coalition partners are what made the day. As well as those intelligence sources on the jetfighterapground that can share the information with their buddies in the sky. Through no planning whatsoever, Barack Obama now finds himself in the real Commander-in-Chief role. Again for what it is worth, I as well believe that this kind of operation could take years to finalize especially at this rate.

Then again, everybody and their grandmother has got their own perspective on just “how” things should work out. Unfortunately for most of them what they will find out is that the two or three best-sellers they have read, or Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum’s unforgettable works, they all seem to know what to do.

Just a different topic for a moment, and we are ready to field any and all stipulations so please if you have ANY please do not hesitate to contact me without haste. Okay?

hillary_internHillary Clinton — It could be me but I have a difficult time finding anything whatsoever that she could claim as her own doing; what I mean is that would a “First Lady” become a Senator from New York then travel on to become a Secretary of State?


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