Now Let’s put things into perspective !

Its Friday, Now Let’s put things into perspective !

obama-0828It certainly seems like this notion of Politics v. The World has now run beyond — well beyond — its due course and as a result it is easy to see where the government, more precisely Barack Obama has dropped the ball. Maybe (gee ya’ think) as so many people are surmising these separate instances of ISIS or ISL, Eric Holder retiring, and the bigger matters are being swept under the rug as I type.

In the first offering of bigger matters, brings me to wondrous tears. Still with the assistance of the British flying missions in Iraq only really…come on folks! We haven’t even put our jets in Iraq. Okay then so we get a limited scurry of assistance from the French. But where are they bombing? Algiers! Got their dander up to the point where Algiers is sending ground troops to Syria.

Obama…Commander-in-Chief Obama, should under no circumstances let any nation — allies or not — intervene into the current strategy he is trying to fool the world with. Therefore my second offering of bigger matters is that Obama is allowing any nation that is not going to bomb U.S.A. forces just walk on to the battlefield at whatever quivering whim.

The third item has to be how is he going to win a war with the ability to hold the ground the Air Force has taken away, without loyal and diligent boots on the ground. We think it is very probable, if not already in the planning that someone from that area of the world will come upon a load of cash, start government making to take over “their” new land. All I want to say at this time is that if I were in the military I would be planning everything I do inevitability waiting for orders to go to Syria.

There does not seem to be any remorse on the side of this President for matters left undone. We obviously believe that as the time comes around for decisive actions to be taken such as amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens, he will see to it with one stroke of his pen that at least the executive order has been in effect.
We also believe that the remaining actions regarding Lois Lerner, formally of the Internal Revenue Service will somehowsurely-not-me-images - Copy - Copy receive a presidential pardon; furthermore, all of these civil rights claims such as leaning in on the press — James Rosen — Ferguson, MO., and Michael Brown will be dumped on to the new administration as will the disciplinary difficulties currently outstanding with the Operation Fast & Furious debacle in Mexico. As for the National Security Agency — just deduce it to say that there back up to business as usual, especially with wire-tapping. Everything that this person has done without regard to the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution will be gone by the wayside and into someone else’s lap.

It’s Friday, Now Let em’ have it!

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