President Obama’s fundraising trips are partly funded by taxpayer money: watchdog

President Obama’s fundraising trips are partly funded by taxpayer money: watchdog

judicialwatch-3President Obama is the most prolific political fundraiser in American history, hauling in hundreds of millions of dollars for Democrats — and taxpayers are helping him do it. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch on Tuesday tallied Air Force One’s flight hours for Obama’s fundraising trips in July to Denver and New York.

Those trips, two of the hundreds of fundraising trips Obama has taken as president, cost the Air Force alone $1,159,823.50, Judicial Watch said. That’s based on a Freedom of Information Act response to the group in which the Air Force said the president’s plane costs $210,877 per hour to fly. The two trips included 5.5 hours of flight time, the Air Force said.

An unknown portion Obama’s travel expenses are covered by the Democratic party committees benefiting from his fundraisers. But the White House and the committees won’t say how those costs are divided up. Obama often takes trips that include both official functions and fundraisers, leaving the billing unclear.

“As in other administrations, we follow all rules and regulations to ensure that the DNC or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President and First Lady to travel to political events,” White House Regional Communications Director Keith Maley said.

We would like to see your alleged proof, Sir.


Did not prosecute

Did not prosecute

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It’s about time!

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