What is real…and what is not..?

What is real…and what is not..?

barry and his bullshit factoryThis much we will quite openly and readily say that the goings on within our Nation’s leadership has gotten so bad that unfortunately we must call it real.*
Three issues we are bringing to the table for discussion (please don’t hesitate!) today. One, violence perpetrated on individuals by people who allege they are Muslims. Secondly, we have been sold a hill made of beans, or everything but the actual truth and this needs action right now. Thirdly, we are no different or better off than when Barack Obama took over the Presidency, than we are then or now. Three matters we would love your take on:

Issue One: Violence of all kinds is being perpetrated within schools by students, in schools by people other than students, at and on military bases from abortions to murder, to outsiders trying to get in and steal; however, it is within this portion that we also believe that our government deserves an indictment, a nation does not lose 12 thousand rockets/missiles in route to Syria without accountability or justice. And finally there is definitely a degree of terrorism that is occurring in America’s business interests right here on our own nation that by Presidential executive order gets labeled as “work place violence.”
Oddly enough what Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City to the Federal Building there cannot possibly be recalled in history as “work place violence” inasmuch as McVeigh did not work there, period. However, a quick look to the other side of these matters is that Lt. Col. Hassan did work at Ft. Hood. Through his misguided beliefs in his religion, and his open discussions with Jihadists’ in Iraq and Yemen and who knows where the massacre at Ft. Hood is anything but excusable work place violence. We believe the same definitions could be used to describe the latest beheading in Oklahoma not as workplace violence by a self proclaimed Muslim.

Issue Two: Ironically I was reading a piece lately on the manner of perception. It did take this particular author quite a while to get to the point but the perception of a person’s behavior is based on reality or what they perceive as reality. No rubbish here folks. If perception by a human being defines a particular reality to them — then why the choice? What is real or what is perceived as real is the choice — however, in the study of cultures and communities there exists written laws as to determine what is real and/or perceived as real.
It is without bias or a “likeability factor” that this is where Barack Obama has serious delusional problems. If one were to take them any further we think it would be a matter of psychosomatic illness. It remains egregious that one man makes the decision on what manner of violence has taken place — when in reality we are at war and are fighting terror.

Issue Three: President Obama maintains that the Nation is now better off then when President George Bush,419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_n the younger was president. Why anyone would go to these lengths definitely has a problem with the truth. If when Obama became president and the unemployment rate was at 6.8 percent then that same rate one year later is 7.8 percent, then two years later the rate is hovering around 13.4 percent and finally six and one half years later the rate has retrenched to 6.8 percent — how could any person in their right mind allege that the employment rate is better?
*“The problem with the president, I think, on this issue, is you almost can’t believe anything coming out of his mouth going forward,” Charlie Gasparino said today on Fox News’ program “Outnumbered.”

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  1. I like your site here and your subject matter. I am one of the many, the majority that have had enough as well. Keep writing my friend.


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