51HygO6tecL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Getting a rather late start on this evenings blog, however for what I’ve got to say perhaps it is better that I keep this article to a minimum. I really am not the sort of person who gets upset or otherwise because of a very illegitimate government especially with those who serve in it — and then again if I need just a smidgen of getting my dander up all I need to do is think, albeit very slightly about the many, many names I would like to call the president.

So please bear with me — I believe that this is important, therefore I need to make reference to some of the exactly the same nonconstitutional, corrupt, and criminal qualities as our president now breaths and with one hope try and reach one person out there who can relate to what I have to say.

Hopefully we have all learned something from our president who at one time went by Barry Sotero, and as far as we know is still using someone else’s Social Security number, with several experts who have found more idiosyncrasies with a “make believe Birth Certificate;” so here we have a man who has disobeyed just about every whim the Founder’s had and he laughs while strutting around saying, “Oh I’m the President, I can do anything I want to…”

You know that this little blurb with the mind of an insect does not have a legitimate legacy he can call his own. But if you and I are not careful and mindfully realize our votes we may entertain the notion of Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton winning an election then all I can say is the second verse will be far worse than the first.

And her administration is shaping up so well it is as if she planned it. In all sincerity, how many of you knew that as First Lady, she had hubby “Slick Willy” darn near sign an executive order and issued to the secret service ordering them to stand nothing closer than 50 feet of her? 

So today I was thinking she ought to be in Washington about now lobbying her little weight gain off getting the

Why so 'Honorable"?

Why so ‘Honorable”?

secret service she really wants. And doesn’t the secret service director look kind of close to Hillary Clinton?
My greatest hope beyond all my hopes is that we are still America when what’s his name finally gets hauled out of town or will it be sharia law and early morning Muslim Hymns — calling all of us from the West to prayer?

Oh darn it! Before I forget back to my hope beyond hopes. I believe that what’s his name will have a nice long life ahead of him because I would love to be around when he goes public and says, “Oh you all know about this rule of law breaking, my new income statement shows my net worth at $12.6 million dollars now and I’ve got almost two years to go…However you all deserve the truth, ‘yes’ I am not an American citizen, cheated like a kid at Harvard Law, and oh that Columbia University stretch lasted for as long as it took the power brokers to get me into Harvard.”

Please notice that I have added to my page count up top, about Obama’s visit to 60 Minutes. That’s it for now.


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