Political Correctness…really..?

Political Correctness…really?

4It was a glorious fall day. On the way home we stopped for Mexican food and I said to my longest standing friend, “They call this Indian summer.”

No sooner had we arrived home than my significant other, who is finishing up college, texted me. “Story idea for you: Indian summer,” said her text. “Evidently not PC.”

I jumped on Google to do some research. I found a lot of questions: “Is ‘Indian summer’ an offensive term?” but no clear answers.

If “Indian summer” falls under the Political Correctness sword, I thought, it won’t be long before Polish sausage, Chinese checkers and Russian roulette follow. And what about Greek yogurt? These would be very sad developments. If not completely misleading.

 How often in all sincerity have these same places used their origins and myths in order to gain renown prominence? Let us try this: “Ah come to the Greek Isles for your holiday plans.” In the fashion industry the Polish models are surely ahead of their time. I think the point is made.

As we have written so many times, even dedicated an entire page to it, suggesting not only the origins of politicalpol correct correctness, what we believe its entire goal will invariably will be — the total explosion of the United States or the succession of the states becomes real.

 Let us let the Washington Redskins of the battered up NFL be our colorful example. It surely cannot be a mystery to anyone living in this country that various tribes of Native Americans have all but filed suit within the Federal Courts saying that “their” name is being used in a derogatory fashion.

First, who named the tribes of early Americans living primarily in mid to southern America, Redskins? And to be as honest and open as possible everything that football team does is to bring pride, notoriety, and fame to these mighty (?) folks. Talk about the cutting off the hand that feeds you!

 Whilst writing a column last night I espoused for all these people knew it could just as easily be reddish – brown mud and clay that they would rub into their skin to protect it from extreme sunburn. They very kindly indeed shared this and many other customs with the wild, white, and sunburned Europeans.

Political+Correctness3Therefore as the story goes we believe it would be far better off if the Native American tribes’ people put in an offer and see how Mr. Snyder reacts, maybe there is a way to collectively keep the name and to show them that no disrespect or racial slur is intended.

I am definitely one of those Americans who does not like to see brilliant intentions dropped and thrown into the waste bin. Please see Dismantling Language, ergo Dismantling America, for what happened to ordinary kids game of dodge ball. Now I am wondering if Vince Vaughan had this on his mind when he made the film, Dodge ball: Grab Life by the Ball.

 Political correctness is a cultural idiom that uses language as its power. The entire notion of being politically correct connects with the social domain through being the primary means of communication within the domain, and through being both a site of, and a stake in, struggles for power. In other words everyone uses some means of communication we refer to as language.

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