The Mismanagement of All Time

Blunder after Blunder

foolmetwice-130x190And if you don’t accept that assumption after reading this short article, we would sure appreciate it when looking at the assessment through the eyes, minds, and hearts of those experts that are much closer to the situation than we are. What has been released since this recent weekend of October 3-5, 2014 is a very substantial inclination with proof of how President Barack Obama has done with his administration.

We look to only address two areas of Obama’s service and what has happened to our Nation since that time. First, after looking for names, camaraderie, battle cries, or how a particular Air Force and Naval air campaign has been going what we are surmising from the press is that the campaign has not worked and there is a reason why.

We are very influenced here by the opinion writing and perspectives by one Dr. Charles Krauthammer who is a Fox News contributor as well as one of the permanent panelists as is George Will on Brett Brier’s program, Special Report.

We very much appreciate the corrected matters that have gone wrong from Washington D.C. Maybe with 75 percent of his own party wanting to keep Obama as far from them a possible during this interim election period, or, if Obama’s stuff has finally come to light for what it really is — farfetched bull squat — the matter is more pronounced with the heads of offices, various Secretary’s of State, both of which are same party politicians (Hillary Clinton, John Kerry), and now finally the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, is pursuit of a best-selling book — or better put would the former Director of the C.I.A. is coming clean about Barack Obama. 

Charles Krauthammer tonight weighed in on Bill O’Reilly’s interview with former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, calling it “utterly devastating” for President Barack Obama

“You did great, Panetta did great, I’m afraid Obama did not do very well,” Krauthammer said. He called Panetta an iconobama_united nations of the Democratic Party and said that everyone knows he is a straight shooter. 

“You can tell from the tone of his responses to you that he’s sympathetic to the president but he loves his country and he feels he has to say the truth,” Krauthammer said. “The content of what he said […] was utterly devastating. He was basically saying this president cannot lead, he is indecisive, and he is weak.”

Secondly, the interview that was granted by Mr. Bill O’Reilly with Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has certainly been one of those telling events that literally shocked the civilized world. In all fairness to Mr. Panetta most of what I’ve written here has come straight from him. Two points that Panetta brought up: One was the notion behind the unwillingness of Barack Obama to put up any kind of plausible fight for what Vladimir Putin is and has been doing inside of Ukraine.

According to Leon Panetta, who has been at this real for more than 35 years he feels that Obama’s biggest mistake was in the United States NOT leaving troops in Iran. Remember from my earlier piece on The Tenets of War a nation wanting to win a war must prove their ability to hold the ground that was surrendered to them. Obama did not do this. Nor did he put any kind of fight over the loss of military missile capability in Poland, the U.K. and Turkey.

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