Air Strike Campaign

Air Strike Campaign…what?

jetfighterapRegarding the ongoing conflict with ISIS or ISNL and certainly not to be forgotten is the fully equipped 200,000 Iraqi troops that our military machine took outrageous steps and necessary precautions to train, arm-up, and to leave them fully able to defend themselves. I use this opening as a way to let Americans know that what they have been hearing about — that is, that Iraqi forces have literally been running in the opposite direction.

Today we were told by Iraqi Marines and Special Forces personnel that they do not want to be “thought of” as dereliction of duty, their biggest claim is that their leadership has waddled away virtually leaving them with nothing. The greatest line I have decided to take is that these Iraqi soldiers must have forgotten who we have been forced to listen to0 and much to my surprise, even the National Security Advisor to the president, Susan Rice, has opted again for the video tape story!

We are of the firm opinion here, that there is not any military involvement, with Obama’s current bombing raid strategy Gulf_War_Photobox21and who didn’t receive the Memorandum — this time it must be shouldered by the current administration. Since when has it become military protocol to let the commander-in-chief make the type of decisions that are necessary for war?

That type of news is what inspires Americans to believe that “the other guy’s” are winning. What you don’t think that 30 sorties in a given week will hinder the enemy? Not in the least. The difficulty that is being encountered now is no different than when this ridiculous campaign strategy began — the extreme use of politics being used on people that could care less about the politician and his politics.

So that I do not forget, allow me to write this one down: Bush, the Elder and Bush the younger. Both of those men understood war. Moreover, they understood the main tenets of war are in existence. Starting with Bush the Elder it is believed that originally he was authorizing his Joint Chief of Staff roughly 105,000 sorties per day; whilst Bush the younger authorized around 100 to 105,000 sorties per day! That strategy is going to defer and/or annihilate the enemy in short order. Anything less would be to just relocate portions of earth.

Now for the openness opting to illuminate the sordid lying. It has become apparent that as of this date (Oct. 13) that Susan Rice decided on the word of mouth of others rather than to do her own source asking. It was revealed today by all parties concerned that Ms. Rice announced to the world by what strategy Turkey has decided to use.

pukeYou see the ugliness that accumulates down the very tunnels by which these people get their stories are most often not the truth at all. It became known today that Turkey, would give the go ahead and right of way to the U.S. Americans first — before the Kurds and other smaller nations that this war is a priority.

Then the Turks heard the press reports. The Turks, offended that a woman would be issuing these rumors, moreover, the very same woman who had confused the world with her video tape (18 minutes) at Benghazi. Libya. Yes the same lap animal operating at the expense of Barack Obama.


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