And it Makes Me Wonder…

And it Makes Me Wonder…

Sure this does…it makes me wonder about the lack of leadership by President Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and of course the never to proud to embarrass herself with that mouth, Rep. Barbara Pelosi naming just a few. Heck, I would also have to put Senator Barbara Boxer in as well. From her district in California she had an illegal alien who was just about to be deported, when Boxer decided to take this issue on as a case-by-case individual level that only members of congress and or the president are allowed to do.

Yet notwithstanding it is the fortitude of these so-called leaders that irks me to the point of rope ability (needing to Guess modelbe  tied up). There are three instances that are the hallmarks of leadership: Accountability, What if, and always the missing consequences. However for the sake of this article let’s examine these instances and how well they are dealt with.

Accountability for lack of a better word is everything. Our public leadership takes accountability for nothing. One quick point to shed light on is the notion of “Insider Trading;” whilst this practice has forever been illegal for everyone in the U.S.A., what, did they think they had done to earn or deserve the right to trade on the inside? Just as if every person in this country has ever been convicted of this crime, they in turn must pay back the money plus damages. Oh — but not so for our leaders — these nitwits are trying to lobby each other to have this right restored.

Therefore by not having to pay back the m0ney they received as a manner of law breaking what we end up with is zero accountability, what if we get caught, and of course they would try because there are no consequences if one is caught.

us-customs-and-bp-250So today was like living in a time warp. It is apparent that our diligent members of congress have finally allowed the news of Obama through the Department of Homeland Security as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement to finally and officially take notice of the amount of illegal immigrants, categorized as Level One (Serious crimes committed: Sexual assault, battery, robbery, even homicide) who have been granted walkabout status.

“Clearly, serious criminals are being released to the streets of our local communities by this mass budget pardon. These are illegal’s that even President Obama wants to deport. This is insane that public safety is sacrificed when it should be the budget priority that’s safeguarded,” he said.

636_Congress_money2The Department of Homeland Security has started releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants held in local jails in anticipation of automatic budget cuts, in a move one Arizona sheriff called politically motivated – and dangerous.

“The administration is making politically motivated, rather than fiscally responsible, selective cuts to immigration enforcement in order to advance its unpopular immigration policy agenda,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies, in an email to the Washington Free Beacon.

 “It’s another case of misplaced priorities at the highest level of this agency,” said Stuart Harris, vice president of Local 1929 of the National Border Patrol Council in El Paso, Texas.

“It chose to release thousands of immigration detainees, at least thirty percent of whom had been arrested for crimes, and to remove border patrol agents from duty, rather than find ways to cut expenses in a way that would not compromise their mission,” Vaughan said.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., called the move to release illegal immigrants “abhorrent.” “By releasing criminal immigrants onto the streets, the administration is needlessly endangering American lives,” he said in a statement.

It is without bias or a “likeability factor” that this is where Barack Obama has serious delusional problems. If one were to take them any further we think it would be a matter of psychosomatic illness. It remains egregious that one man makes the decision on what manner of violence has taken place — when in reality we are at war and are fighting terror.

“The problem with the president, I think, on this issue, is you almost can’t believe anything coming out of his mouth going forward,” Charlie Gasparino said today on Fox News’ program “Outnumbered.”

Please be advised that this article was generated using three different articles written at a much sooner time or when the events first came to fruition. The first article was dated March 30, 2013.


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