The gunman fired multiple shots

141024151921-02-washington-school-shooting-1024-horizontal-gallery“It won’t last … it’ll never last,” he said in his last posting on Twitter on Thursday.

Two days earlier he wrote: “It breaks me…. It actually does…. I know it seems like I’m sweating it off…. But I’m not…. And I never will be.”

 Police said the dead student was a boy. Four others — two girls and two boys — were hospitalized, with at least three in critical condition, officials said.

 A school official reported the shooting at 10:39 a.m., according to Marysville Police Cmdr. Robert Lamoureux.
Someone pulled a fire alarm in the minutes after the shooting, prompting scores of students to evacuate to a playing field as they had been trained.

 They were stopped by other students and police, who ordered them back to their classrooms to take cover. This entire situation seems contradictory in nature. Other than mass confusion (yelling or stating loudly) to high school students causes them to panic.

 The gunman fired multiple shots. “He was angry; I heard yelling,” said Erick Cervantes, 16. “I heard a shot and then I saw a gun.” Cervantes was one of about 30 students and staffers who witnessed the shooting.

“He shot the kids and then he stood there. I’m pretty sure he tried to reload. A teacher came out and tried to stop him; I 141024161438-07-washington-school-shooting-1024-horizontal-galleryheard a shot and saw him on the ground,” Cervantes said.

 As Cervantes watched, a teacher checked one of the fallen students for a pulse. Cervantes ran off and called 911.
“I’m still pretty shocked,” he said. “I still have a bunch of images in my head: looking down seeing bodies, blood everywhere.”

 Fryberg’s friends said it was not clear what sparked the shooting.

 141024162947-11-washington-school-horizontal-galleryAustin Neal, 14, who had science class with Fryberg, said he heard Fryberg had been bullied for being Native American.

“He seemed mad yesterday,” Neal said, adding that Fryberg sat with his head down and “didn’t really talk.”
Another friend said that Fryberg had conflicts with at least one other student.

“He had gotten in a fistfight with another football player about two weeks ago,” said Cesar Zatarain, 16, a fellow football player.

 But Zatarain attended marketing class with Fryberg on Friday morning before the shooting and didn’t notice anything amiss.

“He was always laughing,” Zatarain said. “I just saw the kid a couple of hours ago, and now he’s dead.” This from an another teammate is quite telling. It seems that a kid who is always laughing is not the kind of person who shoots others.

f_marysville_evac_141024_nbcnews-video-playlist-148Marysville, with a population of 60,000, is about 35 miles north of Seattle. The shooting is the second to rock a Seattle-area campus in the last five months. In June, a gunman opened fire at Seattle Pacific University, killing one student and injuring three.

 The four injured students who survived the shooting were taken to nearby Providence Regional Medical Center, where Dr. Joanne Roberts said some of them were being treated for serious head wounds with massive bleeding. One girl was still in surgery late Friday, she said.

 Roberts had already met with more than two dozen relatives of the injured on Friday.
“Our community is going to mourn this for years,” she said, adding that even seasoned hospital staffers “will all go home tonight and cry.”

 Given the evidence rendered thus far, it simply could be any number of things; starting with his last quote from Twitter it almost sounds like a pending break-up with his girlfriend was about to happen. However, I can easily see from his second quote from Twitter that he may have been hurting from the fist fight he encountered with another student on the football field. It almost sounds as if he was being ostracized by his teammates.

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