State Department Initiates Study Bringing Effected West African to USA for Treatment

State Department Initiates Study Bringing Effected West African to USA for Treatment

Greta van Susteran

Greta van Susteran

“No, in fact Greta, this would be the most endless use of taxpayer money I would ever witness. But it is an unfunctional decision to even consider it. But bringing infected people to the USA from West Africa is senseless.” — Ambassador John Bolton

Okay, I am officially weighing in on this subject. Believe me this has not been easy to do. Consider that your expertise was in the discipline of immigration. Furthermore, your public discourse on matters relative to the US government has been very well received — often published by another organizations choice.

I figured that the Ebola Crisis has received enough excellent reporting, especially with mixed messages coming from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Believe me when I say that as soon as the government got involved they alone have shown more incompetency with their decisions on who to admit, what about our soldiers, and the mix up regarding how to properly receive and don the appropriate restrictive gear.

If there is a person who needs assistance with voting on Election Day or just how is the mental, emotional, behavioral, and stupidity prowess that has dominated everything around the world — and I readily admit that we have always been very late or last to join a cause or been unaware of it.

All one need do is to look at the status of al-Qaeda, then measure that against ISIS and to think that minimal air strikes DOSat best are going to deter these barbaric maniacs…think again!

So with this news coming from the State Department (“For Your Consideration”) as now this “planning document” is well on the way to DHS for further purview.

So what do you think? Should the USA be importing thousands of people from West Africa infected with the Ebola virus? Whoops, my bad, I’ve left something out — at our cost for luxury airfare to the USA and who can accurately say that when they are cured they will readily go back home. Here is a mind dump for anyone who cares: Experts have figured that just getting them here, set up, and cleaned up that process alone is roughly $500,000 (Five hundred thousand dollars) and notice there is no factorization for the six to seven nurses per patient or as many as four doctors per patient.


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