Meanwhile, Others Act in Their Own Ways…

Meanwhile, Others Act in Their Own Ways…

220px-Lava_entering_sea_-_HawaiiJust netting it out from a volume 0f perspectives gang. Well then what shall we say about the mighty Kilauea volcano right about now? In the midst of total destruction — many compare the ever-so-flow of the lava as a nuclear attack. Black, gray, or even red and brown colored lava rolling in on you and yours to the point of everything goes.

Kilauea volcano, one of the world’s most active, has been erupting continuously since 1983. That is 31 years now where one can go on a look-see, scientific observation, mental, physical, or spiritual journey to watch and experience firsthand what the earth is all about. Okay, maybe not all, but a different understanding altogether.

As for me, I have been exceedingly blessed with my relationship with Mt. Kilauea. I have been fortunate enough to reside220px-Three_Waikupanaha_and_one_Ki_lava_ocean_entries_w-edit2 and experience the events of this volcano since its earliest eruptions until now. Indeed if I was able to write endlessly about my living and learning just from Kilauea, it would easily resemble a short book.

During my first experiences I studied nowhere near the actual volcano. Some might say, “Man…you got robbed!” Or some of the other dissatisfactions — “Why even be there if you’re not in the smoke and ash.” Well all I can say at this time is that everyone who has encountered the intricacies of Kilauea has somehow been changed — and for the most part it has been for the better.

huge fire from lavaYet when was the last time you were on a black sand beach? Yep! You know the ones — very fine sand that when looked through may contain every color of the rainbow. Also there are many different forms and types of black sand — I have seen and handled some specimens of black sand the size of say a simple business card upwards of small tiles.

Lava pools the nicest I’ve ever been to had a summation of 8 pools starting at low ground and each graduating to a new and far more hotter than the previous pool. You can imagine what it must be like reaching the eighth pool.

The last two paragraphs hopefully shed some light on what one may be doing in and around a massive lava bed.

Now finally the forms and types of volcanic residue. Hawaiian meaning “stony rough lava”, but also to “burn” or “blaze”)220px-Aa_large is one of three basic types of flow lava. ʻAʻā (pronounced Ah-Ha) is basaltic lava characterized by a rough or rubbly surface composed of broken lava blocks called clinker. The Hawaiian word was introduced as a technical term in geology.

The loose, broken, and sharp, spiny surface of an ʻaʻā flow makes hiking 170px-PahoehoeLavadifficult and slow. The clinkery surface actually covers a massive dense core, which is the most active part of the flow. Accretionary lava balls as large as 3 metres (10 feet) are common on ʻaʻā flows. ʻAʻā is usually of higher viscosity than pāhoehoe. Pāhoehoe (pronounced Pa Hoy Hoy) can turn into ʻaʻā if it becomes turbulent from meeting impediments or steep slopes.

‘A’a looks very jagged and can be razor sharp whereas pahoehoe is the smooth kind that is far easier on the feet. Soon actually I do not know when I will share with you how being at close proximity to a lava flow had a overwhelming affect on my life.


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