Illegal Immigration so what now…the answer is NOT Amnesty

Illegal Immigration so what now?

Illegal immigration is a decades-old problem. With an estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants living, and in many cases working, in the U.S. the question remains: What do we do with them? And how do we stop more people from coming? Lax enforcement potentially leads to more illegal immigrants competing with U.S. citizens for jobs and some social services, without necessarily paying income taxes. But a too-tight policy could mean farmers and others in industries that rely on the cheaper labor of illegal immigrants are left begging for workers, passing higher costs on to consumers or going out of business altogether.

There just above is this articles thesis statement. According to the rules of proper essay writing, let us take a look at some of this statement and see what we can answer.

Why is illegal immigration a decades-old problem? This by no means is a rocket science type question. Actually it is rather easy to answer. Let’s start with the lack of anything resembling rules, policies, procedures, and due-diligence to stand by them. The U.S. really does not have an immigration “policy” at all. One more issue here is that the U.S.A. does as little as possible solidifying what is and what should be policy. Moreover, the entire notion of one man signing a sheet of paper to make it harder to deport the law breaking offenders, should be determined unconstitutional.


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