And When Those Walls Come Tumblin’ Down…

And When Those Walls Come Tumblin’ Down…

 Does everything come on you like it has been rumbling, tumbling, bumbling and stumbling around? Ah-round? Well gang with what I have seen and witnessed in the last two weeks is as equal to the last six years of my life where I sit feeling the prophecy and wanting to yell: “I told you so…”

 Dark, dark bar… bright, bright day… The man in his pinstriped suit pushes his drink away… still looking at the bottles…
Lookin’ at them real hard… he’s lookin’ at the bottles… Oh, when those walls come tumbling down… when those walls come tumbling and rumbling, bumbling and stumbling down…

 Who does this person think he is? Everything muttered from his voice could be a lie; or… like a pack of drunken hounds…begging and bobbing through the alleyways…of the long spiral down…(down…down).

515EH0NwS2L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ What I mean is that any time whatsoever that any president, cabinet member, agency director, or legislator should want to knowingly break the law, then I believe the Founder’s had other dispositions in mind for anyone who knowingly broke the law. And of course they did not make directions pursuant to the behavior of these people, then I believe we should legislate now!

 The facts remain in this instance that Barack Obama much the same as those people rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. Come on gang — let’s be real, exacting, and time to suck it up. If a 6 ft. 5 inch person who was acting like Michael Brown inside of the little convenience store, stealing from the shelves and handing those goods to people he knew — from the same video tape Mr. Brown does make an attempt at going for the owner, in fact, shoves the man with stolen ice cream in his hands — to walking down the middle of the street, let’s face it gang, most if not all cops are going to stop and give at least a verbal reprimand which Brown and friend deserved.

 Now then from what we know, what in the world is Michael Brown leaning into a police cruiser trying to obtain the Copper’s gun? There is also plenty of evidence that supports that Mr. Brown used his size on the car, on the officer who needed medical attention, fingerprints all over the Copper’s gun and etcetera. The young man deserved something, what I don’t exactly know because I am not qualified to say. Nor is any person in Ferguson, MO!

 Therefore, any man and I could care less if he is the POTUS or the Emperor of the World, no man has the right, title, or imagesCA6MKTD1interest to continually have reckless disregard for the law of the land — the U.S. Constitution.

 Now in all fairness just so that I’m assured that I’m not the crazy one here I have been waiting at least two years or longer to share this quote with you. I doubt seriously if it will ever make it to Founding Fathers Quotes Friday:

 An article that I have a special feeling for called Reflection on an Irresponsible government’s handling of Immigration Reform being appalled by what I heard Obama say, I decided to write the quote down and include it in the mentioned article:

This situation as mentioned earlier has been going on for decades. Furthermore, as a citizen of this nation, to hear one’s President state well after a year in office that “…sometimes it’s better to just do nothing about it;” and then continuing with his dialog the Commander-in-Chief states, “…as much as one would like it to go away, it doesn’t, and the same conditions exist day after day which could leave one thinking of so many other things to do that will bring instant results…”

What on earth was Mr. Obama talking about?


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