How Many of you knew He was a Boldface Liar and still voted for Him..?

How Many of you knew He was a Liar and still voted for Him..?

 9d5aa30c-b4c0-46df-a754-9ba54ab4e080_272_330President Obama sought to convince the American public Thursday that his plans to unilaterally change immigration laws were in line with the precedent set by previous administrations and did not amount to an amnesty program for illegal immigrants.

 Yet his precedent is nothing new and he is still playing the games of a) it was Bush’s fault, b) now he relies on some precedent set by previous administrations, true and not true?

 Now I wonder if he could really appreciate that there are some Americans that do possess brains and some even use them. Publius as we all know from his exquisite writing done in the Federalist Papers, primarily as a response to the Anti-Federalist demand for a more responsive government. Publius teaches us a lesson about the true meaning of “responsibility.”

 Good government is not defined by its responsiveness to popular demands, but is responsible to the true, long-term interests of the people. In other words, it protects their natural rights. Publius in an attempt to heal the suffering American body politic, he offers a strong dose of political moderation, that is to say that through reasonable opinions and actions, those opinions and actions — especially in politics, that are reasonable and not extreme.

 A government that is responsive to every popular whim from wherever it comes from, suffers from the fatal weakness of wanting to enforce those whims. This is so evident in the twenty- some pledges that Barack Obama outright lied about during decision time.

The separation of powers doctrine makes clear we can never expect good results if the government consists only in a legislative branch. Indeed, the Constitution’s powers are arranged in such a way as to lean most of all against the legislature. Publius took seriously the threat to liberty posed by the “impetuous vortex.” In using these terms Publius was saying that acting on the spur of the moment, without considering the consequences or, an action being done without thought as a reaction to an emotion or impulse, or moving with great force and energy; consequently, not being impulsive, hasty, hotheaded, or especially reckless.

 In a prime-time address from the White House, Obama argued that a mass deportation of the nation’s more than 11 million undocumented immigrants “would be both impossible and contrary to our character.”

 For the first part of this hypocrisy nothing like de-coupling the issues. Seriously does this rhetoric demand a mass deportation? And secondly, I to this day wonder how impossible it would be, not to mention what does this man know about “our character.”

I honestly cannot say that this is some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy for President Obama, inasmuch as it was on his gregorders that so much of his decision to defer deportations of 4 million immigrants is aimed at “actual threats to our security,” by allowing border control agents to focus on the highest-priority incursions, such as those by felons, gang members and recent border-crosser’s.

 I am positive that it was not anyone but President Obama that let more than 36,000 hardened criminals, felons, gang members, and most recent border-crosser’s let walk out of custody. However, I do wonder about buying detention facilities and getting some of them nearly ready when 90,000 undocumented children showed up on our border — for what?

 Do not let any smooth talking idiot tell you that these undocumented children have not been left right here in America, which is what they had wanted all along. And for those who have been issued jurisdiction orders to appear, well 94 percent haven’t even shown up.


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