They Mask, they Camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to do

The Mask, they Camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to

I know most would agree with me that this Obama administration has had more unsettled scandals, more leaks and intelligence problems, and such, yet those very scandals remain either unsolved, unresolved, or your basic speaking President Barack Obama…

 This situation as mentioned earlier has been going on for decades. Furthermore, as a citizen of this nation, to hear one’s President state well after a year in office that…

“…sometimes it’s better to just do nothing about it;” and then continuing with his dialog the Commander-in-Chief states, “…as much as one would like it to go away, it doesn’t, and the same conditions exist day after day which could leave one thinking of so many other things to do that will bring instant results.”

10628319_784408614949169_6962528540080300342_nNow let’s bring to the forefront how some of these ostensibly horrendous problems — scandals get to the front, create a huge disruption in immediate affairs then — through “Lack of transparency” will always remain the key because “the stupidity of the American voter,” alleges Mr. Jonathan Gruber, the economics professor at MIT. And after much research the “Lack of Transparency” that Gruber uses in this case means honesty. Therefore as I read it is through Obama’s lack of honesty equates into his various unconstitutional ways get through and many, many other things that he quite openly could be the victim of articles of impeachment hearings.

Now then I implore anyone — man, woman, or child, and preferably a) if you are a Liberal, or b) anyone of these people with identity problems — insofar as it is time once again to bring names and ideologies to examine.

Once again have you come to understand that each scandal usually starts approximately one to two weeks before a majorEconomics,-Accounting-and-Finance piece of legislation, a Supreme Court decision, anything involving the military and no matter what else — it revolves around time when Obama knows in advance that he will be needing money from Congress?

How many, if anyone exists, has been enlightened as to the true meaning of what happened in Benghazi, Libya? Truth be told when the powder hit the projectile [first shots] the Emperor was in route to Las Vegas, NV. Apparently he was pre-scheduled to perform fund-raising for his fellow Liberals some who are now unemployed. (Somehow he needed a video tape…in addition to hundreds of millions of dollars to pay out the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood along with the 1 – 2 billion dollars for Egypt’s aid, and in the mean time some 20 Sidewinder Missiles go missing from the port.)

The matters that still eat away at me are the not close to being solved matters with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) where people claim their 5th Amendment rights and will not talk to save their own lives. Moreover, given that abhorrent spectacle where are the now founded hard drives, fax data, and etcetera? It is this kind of lack of transparency, or lies if you will that is completely a “copyright” such as immigration.

Now bringing immigration shamnesty into the guts here — how about that as a precedent for the rubbish that the NSA is We the peoplegetting away with? And for me it is a little different — I do not believe that the NSA was originally set-up for international or even national phone tapping. Excuse me but it takes far too much engineering savvy to get the remotest of understanding. I would be simply not telling the truth if this ever went to indictment names such as Gates, Apple, Packard, Google, Microsoft, a lot of Chinese names and even Yahoo! would come up.

In other words, they had to lie to you, and they relied on your stupidity. They counted on your stupidity to believe their lies such as, “You get to keep your doctor and you get to keep your health insurance plan,” such as, “Your premiums are going to come down,” such as, “No they’re not taxes! There’s no way they’re taxes. No, no, no. And you’re going to get subsidies if you can’t afford it, so don’t sweat it. Everything’s going to be fine.”

This treatment is the very definition of being a Liberal. ObamaCare was rammed down the throats of the people this country on, what, Christmas Eve in 2010, and there wasn’t one Republican vote in it. There never has been a Republican vote in favor of this. How many times…? I love this because it’s validation of what I’ve always known and what I’ve always said. They mask, they camouflage, they don’t dare admit what they really intend to do; you’d never support it. And they have contempt for the average American citizen.


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