Founding Fathers Quotes Friday

41fk94wsOYL._AA160_ President Barack Obama told three people who repeatedly interrupted his latest speech on immigration to stop their yelling because he “just took an action to change the law.” Very interesting bit of reporting — not only does Emperor Obama bypass  Congress , the chosen people of this nation to legislate and/or debate amendments to and making new laws as well.

Now as you well know we have a president in this country who single-handedly has brought on some very serious changes to the United States of America, alone, without any consultation or otherwise with any of the other equal branches of government. But worse yet is in the notion that the departments / agencies that do work directly for him (Dept. Homeland Security, USCIS, the IRS, Social Security, and certainly the DHHS) have completely incompetent staffs with which to advise him.

In the very same circumstances a few eras ago, this type of disproportionate control over the entire nation was called sealFeudalism. Now I could suppose that maybe this is as far as our President Obama reached in education. Additionally, with the way he is acting — making new laws for immigration and just expecting the American people to go like “sheeple” doing and inhabiting what they are told.

I hope you folks do not abandon me but it is well past time to STOP, LOOK AROUND, hey WHAT’S THAT SOUND, and everybody look at WHAT’S GOING ROUND. I may be out of my depth here but I do not believe I am looking at anything other than an egregious attempt at destroying what our Founding Fathers put into action.

We can start with the president breaking, manufacturing, while deciding on his own what is good for America without the public courtesy of asking us how we fill about it. I can’t speak for you here, but I am reasonably certain that our Founder’s did everything within their power to STOP wing nuts like this from going absolutely berserk.

James_Madison_140x190So not only has this president committed unthinkable acts against the division of power in this country; consequently, it is far worse. When the president or congress or the judiciary begin to make laws to placate special interest groups and illegal immigrants, moreover, he is or any branch that considers themselves only without talking to the American people — incidentally the place where all power begins is with the people who decided to give it back — with the republic clause open and operating. We believe that Obama should either remember what a “Republican Democracy” is or be held accountable for every lost tax dollar lost in the last six years. It is alleged that the remodeling of software for his ObamaCare will cost the taxpayer between 5 to 10 billion dollars. From a business point of view, if any boss allowed something of that magnitude to happen whilst present at work, the charges are far to numerable for us to count on.

I have a dear friend that means everything to me. This person has shown me that there is no distinction, level, or manner of sin that makes any difference at all. Basically what he tried for so long to teach me was that whether I am committing murder or stealing a loaf of bread, there exists no difference whatsoever.

Therefore, believing as I do coincides with approximately 70 percent of the people of our nation. So as heinous as murder sounds or greedy as stealing a loaf of bread, or $1,oooooo.oo one million dollars, there is no difference in the eyes of our Creator. Having said this, why does our elusive Commander-in-Chief continue to make laws that state essentially, “Okay you’ve entered into and onto our land and rather than face your deserved punishment, here, bring your children, we will locate you with the husband and father of your kids who walked out and abandoned you 20 some years ago?”

Currently in my country there is rioting predicated upon decisions by people who have seen evidence. At the extreme end our President Barack Obama does not use his Occidental College – Columbia University or even his Harvard Law degrees to help these people understand what justice is about.

Talk about dereliction of duty, anyone wonder why this person has no less that 26 states that have elected to sue him?


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