A Judiciary System that is out of control..?

A Judiciary System that is out of control..?

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

Let me help you with that excuse, Barack

It seems as though this entire nation’s community groups, athletic personnel, coaching staffs, fans, and the total reality that surrounds them are riddled with opportunistic non-law abiding citizens. Take for example the fan(s) that have been brutalized and permanently injured for wearing their teams jersey’s or even hats to the opponent’s field.

Aren’t we all supposed to have fun gathering at the ball park with friends? I believe this all abounds around how our professional athletes have been conducting themselves. Take for example the Ray Rice issue in Baltimore; or, when looking at a coaching staff who could possibly forget the most heinous sexual attacking that was carried on at Penn State?

As for me and for those who are my friends have absolutely hit their end with what happens to those who try and uphold the law versus those who use and abuse the laws for their own ends. Just today I was reading at Fox News Inside Edition, where this disparity shows itself. It was an interview seen on Neil Cavuto’s show, Your World and for those of you who have not yet seen Cavuto get angry and frustrated, it helps me to see these wondrous magnificent professionals get pissed. The interview was by telephone and it was dealing with the rights of an illegal alien who had already broken the law twice (1 entry) and (2 dope) finally gets caught.

A convicted drug smuggler caught in the U.S. illegally with a backpack full of drugs is suing the U.S. because he says he was attacked by a Border Patrol dog. Jose Manuel Marino-Najera’s attorney said that the man was walking through the desert for three days with a bundle of marijuana when he ran out of water and fell asleep. He claims that he then woke up with a Border Patrol dog on his arm.

According to his attorney, the dog was unleashed on his client, and Border Patrol agents ignored his cries for help. TheBorder Patrol attorney claims that the U.S. is now liable for the dog attack and damages, including medical expenses, lost income and emotional suffering. The illegal immigrant is seeking up to $1 million in damages.

Neil Cavuto took on his attorney, Bill Risner, this afternoon. There seems to be a great deal about the law missing from this attorney’s memory.

“We’re talking about someone who broke into this country illegally with drugs. He is now suing taxpayers in this country, thinking that he is owed something from people he’s not,” Cavuto said.

Any of these illegal's look 18 years old to you?

Any of these illegal’s look 18 years old to you?

Risner said his client spent six months in jail for the drugs, and that the attack on his client is no different than if it were an attack on a citizen. But Cavuto countered that Marino-Najera is not a citizen or even a visitor – he forcibly entered this country illegally.

Moreover it should be duly noted here that there were 3 Border Patrol Agents involved and at least 3 illegal immigrants who went off running with the illegal contraband. Furthermore, whilst the convicted drug smuggler was arrested he did mention that these Border Patrol Agents did do what they could do in order to allude the illegal’s.

Cavuto asked, “If I broke into your house and I tripped and broke my ankle on your stairs on the way up to empty out your wife’s jewelry chest, do I have a legal right to sue your ass?” “No,” Risner said.

I really must say that the “State of this Nation” with a president gone wild with inventing and adding new laws on a whim with reckless disregard to the order and civility of our nation should be unquestionably stopped — by whatever means necessary.


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