Some small talk that does not happen between Isles

The Bombing Missions are working!

originalWhen the U.S. launched an airstrike campaign in Syria to “degrade and destroy” the so-called Islamic State, some were concerned that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad would indirectly benefit from the destruction rained down on its enemies by America and its allies. Now, nearly three months later, Assad is desperate for manpower to maintain control in areas where pro-regime support is dwindling.

War On Women

Ah C’mon already! The most humiliating notion about even discussing this matter — is simply that: It is not a matter! No one can really say if such a war exists — except those who try and use a rational mind set. To these individuals we’re wondering if this is a Fema-Nazi play from the old playbook of the 1970s or is this the real deal? Just an observation: Women have everything they asked for, even the raspier intent of their own wishes.

However, as one looks to the daycare aspect afforded to women by companies these days it makes one want to just say Brittany RobertsonSTOP! We have a situation in the U.S. now where women crucify men, marriage, and the I’m having my baby alone message so much is there any reason why our marriage statistics are negative? The openness and liberality that runs the rails in our nation now is everything to do with special treatment for same-sex marriage, gender identity problems, transsexuals, and who knows what “sexual orientation” represents.

Then again if a war does exist, it may be in the muddled minds of women and birth control. Given the history of homo sapiens it is believed that if we just leave women alone they will demise their own future. But wanting one’s government to pay for birth control is without question lunacy!

Stop Sending Our Money to Insolvent Nations

moneyJust a blurb — $2 billion per year to Egypt; USAID $3 billion per year these are monies that are stricken to nations, with the exception of America for anything (just about) can be named with some outrageous acronym. Moving along here, we are still in the process of calculating h0w much adjustments are being made now to the “Top E” (Ebola) nations located in Western Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa. We do think that the figures are near the $2billion mark this year.

But where the clear fist loads of money is going are along the national disaster areas in Kenya, and of course the Communist way or the Democratic way in the Peoples Republic of the Congo and The Democratic Republic of the Congo and then again the variable Congo where believe it or not our President Obama seems to believe that boots on the ground are needed so he dispatched Marines, Army Grunts and Medics.

And now the media. Will Rogers, the late American humorist and cornpone philosopher, once said, “All I know is what Idebtmoney read in the papers.” That statement earned him a place in “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.” Were he alive today, it would most likely be inviting widespread derision. Today’s newspapers abound with bogus stories. Most of us know only of the stories that are soon exposed. Doubtless, there are many more. For instance, news stories of gross domestic product growth or inflation rates usually have to be revised but are taken at face value when they first appear.

Most Say Christian Symbols on Government Property Are Acceptable.

A plurality of Americans (44%) say that Christian symbols such as nativity scenes should be allowed on government property during the holidays whether or not they are accompanied by symbols from other faiths, while 28% say Christian symbols should be allowed on government property only if accompanied by other religious displays (such as Hanukkah candles). One-in-five (20%) say that no religious symbols should be allowed on government property.

Most Republicans and those who lean toward the GOP (60%) approve of Christian displays in public spaces, even if they are not accompanied by displays from other faiths. One-quarter of Republicans say Christian displays should be permitted only if accompanied by other religious symbols, and just one-in-ten (9%) say that no religious symbols should be permitted on government property.

Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party, by contrast, are much more evenly divided on this question. Similar shares choose each of the three options: that Christian symbols should be permitted by themselves (32%); that such symbols should be allowed, but only if accompanied by other religious displays (31%); and that no religious symbols should be displayed on government property (30%).

Nearly six-in-ten evangelical Protestants (including two-thirds of white evangelicals) say Christian symbols should be allowed on government property regardless of whether or not other faiths are also represented. Fewer mainline Protestants (45%) and Catholics (43%) say the same. Among the religiously unaffiliated, nearly four-in-ten (38%) say that no religious displays should be permitted on government property, while 29% think Christian symbols should be allowed if accompanied by displays from other religions, and 28% say Christian symbols should be allowed even by themselves.

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