Close to Year’s End…Some Reflective Issues

Close to Year’s End…Some Reflective Issues

congress moneyI caught myself thinking about All things Local in the USA today, a sure sign that 2014 is now at its official end and I encourage anyone to somehow get involved into the reflection or meditation for some, to do just that — spending time alone with one’s self reflecting on the issues that most concerned you…and why.

As for me, some more of the pertinent issues which I have very little to do with, does not necessitate that I don’t reflect on them. Oh contraire! It is exactly those issues that are going to need people in the “ready” when time comes — and yes, I do believe that their time’s coming.

Take for example Washington D.C. alone. I am without question, positive, that the Founding Fathers did not ever intend for our Nation’s capital to do what it is doing; moreover, I don’t believe that for an instant that anyone who signed the U.S. Constitution even thought that a president would willfully change, modify, or create new laws that completely overlooked and quashed the “Law of the Land.”

Most importantly have you seen the funds that Members of Congress receive not having a thing to do with their duties?

How is it that public servants in Washington DC make more then these people do?

How is it that public servants in Washington DC make more then these people do?

Let’s look at both the House Members and the Senate Members. For each division of congressional body, the Senate employs three basic rules: Senators have three allowances to draw from for office and official spending. These allowances are: administrative and clerical assistance, legislative assistance, and official office expenses. In 2003 the total amount of all three allowances provided to Senators ranged from $2,264,345 to $3,751,995.

Make no mistake about it gang, the amounts mentioned are earmarked for those basic administrative tasks clerical assistants, legislative assistants, and official office expenses. This amount of money does not include the Member’s salary, expense accounts, or their travel expenses. Now then Nancy Pelosi D-CA should not be used as a “typical” congressional traveler. This greedy female not only abused the Air Force’s schedule for certain aircraft, yet when her own million dollar staff did not suffice to serve her and guests, more often than not, Rep. Pelosi recruited Air Force military personnel to serve.

It could only get worse, right? I averaged the Senatorial budgets for one year for a total of $3,008,170.00 for each Senator in office. So given 100 Senators the US tax payer is shelling out $300,817,000.00 per year just for the Senate Members to work with their staff’s! Now use the same numbers for the House of Representatives using 435 members comes to just a little under 60 billion dollars! Now I am sure you’ve heard the expression, “Came into the Congress with very little and now has a net worth of 50 million dollars!” Are we getting our monies worth?

On another note who really cares about the film industry? So why all the ruckus about Sony Pictures and the film called The Interview? Sony Pictures said “The Interview” has earned more than $15 million in online sales and another $2.8 million in theaters, an impressive return made possible by the publicity surrounding the cyber-attack blamed on North Korea.

The raunchy comedy that depicts the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made almost as much money through online distribution and in limited theaters in its opening weekend as it would have in a wide release that was shelved after threats from hackers.

the interviewThe studio said on Sunday the film had been purchased or rented online more than 2 million times on the four days through Saturday, making it Sony Pictures’ No. 1 online movie of all time. “That is a huge number,” said Jeff Bock, a box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations.

The $44 million film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco had been expected to gross at least $20 million in its opening holiday weekend if it had gone to wide release, according to Rogen who is listed as co-writer,  producer, director, and star of the film is to receive 8.4 million with James Franco listed as star, and executive producer for 6.4 million dollars, seems like a bit of greed killed this deal.

Now at day’s end it is back in the news with experts saying that the FBI is wrong to thrust this cyber-attack onto North Korea, instead the film industry harkens that it was an inside job at Sony Pictures.

Just some things to reflect on…

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