‘Absolutely’ Needs to Do More to Combat Radical Extremism

‘Absolutely’ Needs to Do More to Combat Radical Extremism

10711131_783897291666968_6765796227397196104_nDoes a sense of sadness and unobstructed laughter just about engulf you as you read the headline of this article? However, according to The New York Times: “The repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which could endanger Dreamers, could prove particularly controversial, and even several Republicans in a closed-door meeting on Friday objected to such a far-reaching approach.”

Okay then let’s hear it…let’s not get so overwhelmed with building a system of just and honorable immigration by the hands of some people who have spent a lifetime fouling it up. In other words one could feel overwhelmed that by sheer numbers and positions held one may feel as though they need to get involved.

Nothing could be further from the truth! In reading the first paragraph both programs have stood the overwhelming amount of time and financial constraints — with of course your President — Barack Obama and his cronies, with other such liberal menaces to solid earnest government by what other than wanting more and more for policy and control.

If there is anything to be learned from this lesson — the strict order of business by French authorities as far as law enforcement and that the argument existing in France today is — why the heck did France allow these who openly informed to any news organization that they had gone to Yemen to receive funding, train for the mission, and were known jihadists back into the country after they had left.

That is one notion that does affect me. Whoever thinks that there is some magical border controls in effect between the USA and Mexico is definitely in for quite an eye opening buzz-a-thon because none of what our politicians have conveyed to us — simply is not true.

In fact many of these same politicians are making it easier for undocumented males and females to gain access to the Nation. And while they are at in fact, most states have made it easier for undocumented workers to now receive driver’s licenses, check cashing privileges, and the list is long and getting longer.

Now is the appropriate time for President Obama to do something about a legacy. Try and stand with the French Prime Minister giving the impression of a worldwide support against these activities.


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