Obama and his ways…

Obama and his ways

The "Latte Salute"

The “Latte Salute”

Let’s look at this man, and see who we have elected to the highest level of government in the world. Please be assured that we will be addressing “Someone who dropped the ball never made it to Paris, France.” Furthermore, I believe that we start what so many in Congress have completely, by unknowing or by simply critical thinking has a place in politics.

When leaders from around the world — announce that they will be going to Paris, for a solid show and united solidarity against what appears to be happening at these terror sites — and Lord bless them insofar as there has been no rancor whatsoever among those who were in attendance. Except for one man who dances to the beat of a different drummer. His name is Barack Obama.

Okay then why pray tell wasn’t the president there? And this just happens on the day that General David Petraeus is the chosen sacrifice because he allegedly gave “Security” information to his book writer for publication. Hey gang — let’s keep our eyes and ears open for this kind 0f scandal. The instant that Obama looks even remotely involved then a scandal must start. So someone in the know, please sort this one out for me..: How is it possible that a few men who survived Benghazi, Libya broke their vow of silence and gave information on who, what, where, and when, the merciless murder of a U.S. Ambassador and some very heroic others. Who would you believe — men sworn to their duty, risking a Corp Martial, and they come out with everything including some identifications of the culprit men themselves, I only have two questions:

One: Why did the CIA, FBI, State department, and White House feel it was necessary to change the language?

Two: To me this is easier to answer than all of the protocol questions asked. Why was the 8-minute video tape introduced?

So President Obama, Why did you not go to Paris and show this nation’s resolve against Islamic Terrorist Threats?

Somehow I cannot but think this is really about you hiding behind a prominent nation that you, your mother, father, or any relative has ever done anything for, all of you with steadfast of mind and diligent speed looking to light another fire too.


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