It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World we live in…

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World we live in…

Political+Correctness3Here’s some critical thinking for you…ready? ♪♪ “This is it — Make no mistake where you are — ♪♪ This is it …”♪♪ It hit the news today, although in typical fashion the actual deed happened in the dead of night…was it four or five different Islamic radical terrorists that once again made not even a sound leaving Gitmo Bay with their new and latest special agreement to swap prisoner’s. Even now knowing that the previous five detainees have already hit the battlefield shooting their hot lead at our military personnel.

Okay…is this me, or is something simply going amiss with this “Legacy minded” Barack Obama? First I’d like to ask a simple question. It was during his first month in office 2009 that this person made his dramatic disclosure. He would use any means within the law to have Gitmo Bay’s detention center closed. Remember if you will Messrs. Obama and Holder trying to make a call to service for the legal community. ♪♪ “This is it — Your back’s to the corner and This is it— Don’t be a fool anymore…”♪♪

No, no, and no again. The situation was not like there was some kind of huge civil disobedience was about to happen. It is just wherever these two glory hounding men wanted to have a trial heard with pleadings, I stand forthright with the people of those areas. Nope, no room for a mishap during trial when one or more than 20 to 100 Islamic radical terrorists could be set free to start 9/11 all over again.

So I ask again, why? Why get all stealth like and get these people out of the best living situations they have ever had? women-being-sold-in-Mosul1That got me to thinking… ♪♪ “This is it—The waiting is over…….”♪♪ So I started thinking…why would you let a prisoner just walk free? Now don’t misunderstand me here, but doesn’t it sound just a little odd letting them go and the US taxpayer is providing the transfer. So I thought, why is some incompetent president using money to get rid of these guys?

And there was my answer! The only issue of doing anything for anyone (say the way the Washingtonians’ are) like get up and you are gone, is that if you have already earned it. It was a reflectionary moment and what happened to me would almost be like an “Ah-ha” for a very young student. So are we to believe that just maybe these Gitmo prisoner’s had supplied us with something we needed? Lyrics complimentary of the great Kenny Loggins from his hugely successful song…This is it.


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