What Kind of World do we Live in or on..?

What Kind of World do we Live in or on..?

divider-in-chief1 - CopyJust a few quick mentions of what is happening in “the District” and then let’s all have great, reflective weekend. First up President Barack Obama can crank out all the executive actions he wants, but they’re not going to solve the biggest problems on his agenda.

That’s the reality the president faces as he prepares for his State of the Union address next week, his first to a Congress with both houses controlled by Republicans. But most have little to do with the biggest problems he wants to solve as he enters the last two, legacy-building years of his presidency. And even though he can shape the public debate with a steady stream of executive orders and regulations, there’s not an endless supply of issues where he can make a big impact without cooperation from Congress.

I am so glad you asked me so my answer is — I do not think that Barack Obama did a thing to help, assist, or support any ideology or dream relating to African Americans. Oh Contraire! I do think that through the president’s inaction, unwillingness to deliver, put the whole world ahead of Americans, whilst continuing to do the stupidest asinine video head trips, my way or the highway, but most of all, the guy and his arrogance became a true hindrance for the sane Americans around. Simply put I firmly believe that Barack Obama put so much more hurt onto African Americans that seemed to have cost this culture more.

So where is the Reverend (of what) Al Sharpton in the midst of this seriously unfortunate menagerie? “Okay, real quick, SharptonJAckson2PIXthere’s a black suburban cop on trial here in the Chicago area for killing a 95-year-old white World War II veteran in a nursing home with a beanbag shotgun, and I’m not seeing Reverend Al around here. I’m not seeing the national press covering this, and the trial is going on as we speak. Your thoughts?

Taylor was one of several officers dispatched to the facility where Wrana lived after a staff member reported that Wrana had become combative with emergency workers. Wrana had hit a staffer with his cane and was brandishing the cane and a 2-foot long shoehorn. After officers left the room, they soon returned, with one carrying a Taser, another carrying a shield and Taylor armed with a 12 gauge shotgun that shoots beanbags. It was then that Wrana threatened the officers and refused to obey their order to drop a knife he had picked up.

One officer fired the Taser at Wrana, but missed. When Wrana moved toward Taylor with a knife, Taylor fired his weapon five times, according to prosecutors. All of the shots were fired from no more than 8 feet away, said McCarthy, who told Panici that the “optimum distance” of 15 to 60 feet is spelled out in training standards and reminded the judge that each “projectile struck the 5-feet-five, 150 pound Wrana at about 190 miles per hour.

Wrana died from internal bleeding, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office, which ruled his death a homicide. “There’s an outcry now for less lethal force in dealing with subjects and he used less lethal force,” said Mitchell Davis, the police chief in the nearby suburb of Robbins.

So somehow and for some reason here is what we have to this point and although there is not a Reverend Al or Jesse Jackson around to really get the community all spun up and wanting to kill, kill, and kill is this. Here we had most likely a mentally dysfunctional 95-year old man who, after a Taser round had missed him most likely went into “Banshee mode” and moved toward the cop, Taylor, and regardless of size or otherwise pumps 5 beanbag rounds into Wrana subsequently killing him. The Medical Examiner’s office ruled it a homicide.

However this is not accurate insofar as Taylor is on trial for an excessive force; Taylor shot him 5 times and therefore killed Wrana. Now I’m struggling with how the defense and prosecutor came up with this  charge.                                                        


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