Just a little Respect

Just a little Respect

Critical_Thinking_SEAL100For most of this week we have been sharing with you various and sundry thoughts — literally some analysis, some assessment, and whatever on our leader’s as they have proven themselves to be under the stressful, chaotic, and very insecure times of our Nation. In particular we have been linking our analysis, assessment, and common sense through the “Consortium” of Responsibility, Accountability, and Culpability (see previous writings).

Just for the sake of this writing perhaps we should at least look at the primary definitions of those three basic words. Starting with Responsibility we mean somebody or something for which a person (leader) or organization is responsible; furthermore, in the event that something was to go wrong (or right) what leader would stand up to adjudicate whose fault or who took responsibility for the mix up. Most importantly for the sake of our writing, responsibility is the authority to act; consequently making decisions independently.
Accountability therefore is the first word in the definition of responsibility. For our intention accountability involves a written or spoken report; however, we mean more of an explanation of what has happened with decisions made by those in authority. Yet, there are a lot of different ways to be accountable but being called upon by demand to explain the accounting of anything which we are accountable or responsible. This area of managerial action in our country is sad to nonexistent.
Culpability is the area of one being culpable or, the person to blame, the person or people who are at fault as well as normally in a legal sense — guilty. In regards to the leadership profiles that we have in Congress, Justice Department, and the entire executive branch, it is well within the executive branch where most of the accountability, based on some preconceived notion or pipe dream, and the lack of culpability that has stood in much like mechanical, robotic, moveable, and cyber barriers or road blocks.

Making meaning of these words: This Nation was founded by people who had values, ethics, and standards. Inasmuch BibleBluras most of the Founding Generation were of Judeo-Christian belief it is quite pronounced in the earliest of pre-American times. The Founder’s simply did not want, based on what governments’ function was to interlock or intermingle with other divisions or branches of the same government.

The earliest of those who proceeded to design, implement, and start America off wanted little to nothing to do with interacting in the citizens daily lives. They certainly did not think of supplying the nations student’s and day care enrollees with free lunches. Moreover, these leaders made it their business to know what “human nature” was and subsequently worked all of American founding documents to reflect just that.

irs-logoThese people did not want their liberty infringed upon — especially by government. Consider these highlights as you read — How does the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) end up with dispersions of 4, 5, or 6 billion dollars to the inmates who have filed their own income tax information? How does this same organization — IRS — end up dispersing around 2 to 3 billion dollars to people that are in the USA illegally? Where is the accountability, is there ever culpability?

first-amendmentNo. There does not exist any accountability. When a person makes the decision to invoke their 5th Amendment rights to not include themselves is it proper for the Chief of the executive branch to do nothing? No. Where is it written that one can be lied to several times over the exact same issue without recourse? It does not say that anyone can; however, the people have the retribution to do otherwise. When some bombastic bloke gets up and after telling the same concocted lies, then threatens to veto everything coming from the legislative branch, and still asks Congress for 320 billion dollars there needs to be a real forthright sermon laid out for this intrepid wonderer.


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