Rights, Liberties, Freedom, and where do you fit in..?

Rights, Liberties, Freedom, and where do you fit in..?

Here is a part of some unconscionable events that have occurred under this current regime. Quite openly they have made me sick to my stomach at times, whilst at other times I have wondered how this person has stayed alive. You see, in the distance not too long ago, a person even thinking about doing some of the relentless spending, then while asking for $4 trillion dollars for his budget and completely disregards the world’s problems that in turn cause more problems at home. How about this one?

Billions of dollars in tax refunds will go to all the illegal’s just given amnesty by Barack Obama. It was confirmed by IRS 300px-No_IRS.svgCommissioner John Koskinen Tuesday during the Senate hearings.

These are extra ‘refunds’ for money earned illegally while they were here illegally. It is being done through the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The Credit is another form of welfare in which money is redistributed to low income workers from higher-paid workers. Some get back more money than they put in.

These particular illegal’s are to be given Social Security numbers and with that, they can collect the Earned Income Tax Credit. They actually get paid by taxpayers for not making enough money. It was meant for our poor citizens, not them.

Obama’s amnesty allows this according to the IRS interpretation of the law. Then again this is the same agency that got busted for having numerous accounts in arrears; also the federal agency that shielded tax breaks in business to those who requested and deserved it.

The illegal’s have to have filed returns but it does go back retroactively.

This is being done while Americans are unable to find work and more than 92 million are out of the workforce.

“This is the problem you get into,” said Sen. Charles E. Grassley, an Iowa Republican. “The IRS’s interpretation of the EITC eligibility requirements undermines congressional policy for not rewarding those working illegally in the United States.”

Furthermore, if it gets left the way it is there are two issues that I would buy stock in — 1- A huge influx of illegal’s will come running…and 2- This entire matter will end up in some courtroom where we can see first hand the usurpation that is going on.

We the peopleMr. Grassley asked Mr. Koskinen to go back and revisit his agency’s interpretation of the laws.

Don’t expect any changes. Mr. Obama wants to invite illegal immigration.

It is currently unknown how many billions of dollars will be handed out.

In 2010, the IRS paid out $4.2 billion to illegal’s who claimed a child tax credit

A special thanks to our friend and fellow writer, 1dragon, for the alert for this article. CHEERS!

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