The Broken Tenants of War

The Broken Tenants of War

030326_war_03_jpgFriends, countrymen and women, Americans that are unhyphenated earlier we composed an article that was well-received. Out of the topics that we write about here on The Contemporary Thinker very few have dealt with war as a topic.
Indeed the most successful article on war that has maintained its number one ranking year after year is titled, The Tenants of War. It was the lack of providing real circumstances that has held that article where it remains. A quick overview of that article is summarized below. The article in all its completeness is located here.
War — my friend has a definition that is anything but jovial or happy. War — by definition is to go up against your enemy; however, there are management particulars that attach to each aspect of that war. Three basic tenets of war are to defeat and/or disseminate your enemy’s forces beyond repair. The second basic tenet is to hold the ground in which your military has taken. The third tenet of war is to take out as much infrastructure that is necessary for the supervised rebuilding with a new Chief in town.
War — from its succinct definition is armed fighting between groups; more clearly war is a period of hostile relations between countries, states, or factions that leads to fighting between armed forces, especially in land, air, or sea battles. War is ugly — so ugly that men/ women have committed suicide as a result of serving their country. War is so ugly that this writer had a “Patriot” relative who fought in the Revolutionary War. In his letters to home — basically to his sister and half sister were filled with battlefield descriptions such as
“I knew I was alive cause I could hear and feel everything, but for some reason I could not get up…I struggled and struggled, once getting my legs free I noticed my best friend who was to the left of me, or its better that I write, what was left was the remains of my best friend. I was unable to move because I was covered with his entrails, there were also parts of his head on me and up on the road quite a ways from us. I found out later that he had taken the full blast of the cannon.”
As mentioned previously, there exists three basic tenants of war. Please understand that there are many, many more jetfighteraptenants of war; however, each of those hold unique specifications depending on the type of conflict American is engaged in.
Given the start of American history, as Americans it started with a war. However, please notice that the three basic tenants were adhered to almost to the fullest. Against the largest fighting nation at that time — Great Britain — tried to but were unable too. This certainly lends accommodation to the spirit of our Founders and our troops.
Although Great Britain did try and hold the ground they had taken from the colonist Americans — there hitherto is one great maxim to remember here — Britain had not completely disseminated the American fighting force, nor had Britain completely held the ground. Interestingly there remained a reasonable amount of British soldiers in America — most idealized the life the Americans had earned and surrendered their arms, uniforms, and immediately applied for citizenship. These soldiers were not refugees, asylum seekers, or otherwise.
Dempsey1These tried and very true tenets of war is what works as opposed to those that do not work. Examples of the tenets in real life: Early World War II (WWII) was amassed with companies, battalions, and divisions of soldiers fighting the will and testament of the German military. The German military machine was completely disseminated. Anyone ever wonder why the US still has a command presence there? Oh yes, Germany proved to be a vastly superior force than our Staff’s generally believed and therefore, the U.S. was not about ready to say, “okay we are leaving now; make sure to build your own democratic government.”
Fortunately for the U.S. we were not into building Nation-States at that time. Mind you the great empire of Germany was split into four separate constituencies…one for the U.S., and one for the Soviets, one for the Great Britain, and the fourth was for Germany.
Now if we view the South Pacific in the later portion of WWII the precise same three tenets of war were put into place. Japan still does have U.S. military present on Okinawa. The other two tenets were concluded in a different way; yet, were nonetheless necessary.
Same holds true in South Korea. In fact the only times the war tenets were not held true was in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Please believe me when I say that the Joint-Chief’s are not in total compliance with their Commander. Neither am I. However please allow me to say that before going to war all armed forces personnel should be ready to spend some time after hostilities have ended. I am positive that approaching a war with these tenants one individual would not be doing extended duty such as Iraq to Afghanistan.   

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