How much Barack Obama can you tear up our language?

419105_10151238154313092_1906501386_nAt the White House Summit on Extremism That Shall Remain Unspecified Because Violent Followers Belonging To Unnamed Extremist Movement Might Take Extreme Offense And Act Extremely, the feds are touting a groundbreaking new strategy to fight terrorists. And if this one hasn’t done it for you, then we’ve got so much more.

Actually the aforementioned Summit that Shall Remain Unspecified is something not done because the Summit has already been named. Oh contraire! Literally the ideology of these very people do not have any agenda whatsoever ― actually have arrived always ready to be heard on anything. Goodness gracious already! These are the exact same people who did not do a lick of research on a man who willfully changed his name to Barry Sotero and still does not have a valid social security number. It gets worse — it is these walking talking empty heads that voted him in not once no way — but twice! And just a little tender loving listening (reading), it will be these exact same people who will vote Hillary Clinton as the Democrat nominee.

How about the President of the United States being unable to mention “Islamic militants, Muslim jihadists’, or even Islamic Freedom Fighters” into a coherent sentence. As for us at The Contemplative Thinker, Barack Obama is just about the most noticeable official PC’er. He is precisely the type of human being who always has something different to call (language remember!) a something one thing and then later, however frisky he is feeling (primarily based on his ratings) — he will call that something one thing, all together a completely different identifier. Here is a good example:

No less than 22 times did Barack Obama say he would not do an “executive plan” to grant illegal aliens in our nation to grant amnesty which as you and I both know will cause the entitlement — welfare system to be over spent simply adding to a budget that is so far gone…it is history. Understanding how a culture changes some of its ways is to look upon the moral, ethical, and values based traditions that existed before America was called America.

All one need do is basic critical thinking with emphasis on what morals used to be that since have changed. We have a 130px-No_Political_Correctnesssituation in this nation a real renouncement of ethical behavior. Rather than go the hedonistic route with you, just think about Usurpation and what our embattled judicial system now codifies as ethics. Where and what happened to our values? It used to be that the President followed the U.S. Constitution.

Moving natural matters into a politically correct domain sometimes takes years, decades, or even generations; then with other issues it seems like days, weeks, maybe even months. One matter that comes to mind immediately is that Section 287 (g) whereby Immigration and Customs Enforcement was training with local police on the proper way to arrest and/or detain illegal immigrants. Section 287 (g) works both ways — it must also equivocate what ICE does and train the local police, it is very similar to a combined law enforcement which is something that is very much needed in America. Basically what we are explaining is how two different agencies combine their work loads and viola! Each agency does half of their original work; in all common sense when special interest groups want something they get it.

Political+Correctness3But no matter how hard and loud the screaming got, the diplomatic folks in Washington decided to pull the plug on the entire works. So then what have you got? Quite openly you have legislated an agency of the federal government (ICE) to do as the local police have every right to do — which included padding someone down if there was a probable cause to do so. Therefore, once the fed could not do it, then why not make that a restriction on the local police?

And that is precisely what happened — the local police and the agents of the federal government were no longer able to work together and just GUESS what those doing the shotty job of undermining the rights that an officer once had called this action: Profiling with emphasis on Racial profiling. That entire mess of changing legislation that benefitted both parties was no longer useable because of what was considered racial profiling. More to come for the future.


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