“Three Strikes Law” to everyone in the government

It is Time to Take Our Country Back

dec1Yup and I mean it. Not since I have been a writer, journalist, publisher, or affiliated within news and of course the rub of the fat have I ever thought or otherwise, believed that I would write what I have got to say out for all to see.

For a considerable amount of time in our Nation — even since birth — have I seen or heard of a congress that is so detached from the “Will of the People.” These are men and women who take us for granted — with regards to the representation aspect of their jobs. From the vision that I see, or from my perspective these congressional officials act like disinterested door mats.

Do you trust your government? People go ahead and make this a joke however, I do not trust our government! And furthermore, it is the people who are in government that I blame and starting to loathe.

Supreme-Court1From a miscommunication (or blatant liar) president who leads no one, and nothing, to a ridiculous legislative branch (congress), as well as a Supreme Court judiciary that has a very difficult time trying to render judicial review, compared to matters inherent within the U.S. Constitution, what is going on in America?

It is a very difficult notion to witness all of the various levels of our government collude, conspire, and lie endlessly about a matter. It is very much like putting our lives out front and stating to Iran, got it yet? “Just let me know in advance where and when the mushroom clouds will appear, do you copy?”

This of course is intermixed within a true invasion of illegal immigrants. Thirteen to twenty million of them with a lot scalesmore coming, has anyone questioned the executive branch if we can afford this outward display of humanitarianism? All this and so much more from driver’s licenses, to SSAN numbers, work permits, and then it becomes receiving something — most likely money — for something that has not been done.

All this and so much more by executive fiat. Just remember when we all start paying more taxes that the president does not have to tell us, just hand this person an executive order.

So what does our newly elected congress do about it? Any and everything to show most of them have a “Testicle Lock Box.” Why is it that 535 members of congress cower each and every time that the corrupt crime committing president does something against the Constitution? It is rather like — throw our current 1787 to 2015 version out so that they can make a new version.

I have a question for anyone and everyone, ready? I believe that it has become a mandatory operation to apply the “Three Strikes Law” to everyone in the government, what do you think?

Carefully now let’s just nominate a few potential candidates. Barack Obama 1) Immigration violations, 2) IRS scandals and collusion thereto, 3) Benghazi murders 4) ObamaCare, 5) Fast and Furious, 6) Aiding and abetting known enemies.

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton 1) Lying 2) Benghazi murders, 3) Own server in the home to route all electronic communications thru, 4) Willful misconduct as Secretary of State given the email issues and potential leaks 5) Ad Nauseaum.

Let’s have a look at Rep. Charles Rangel: 1) Constantly doing dirty deals, 2) Failure to pay income tax, 3) Exceeding IRS tolerance and pay back arrangements, 4) This list could go on but…

Culture of CorruptionAll one need do is select Eric Holder, the IRS Commissioner, any one or two of Obama’s aides, and this grieves me — about 50-65% of congress as well as the executive branch and let’s discuss incarceration time.


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