Something has got to Change…

Something has got to Change…

DeclarIndep180x180In this particular matter we want to address two (2) issues that not only make America look like the “bad sheep” of global citizenry, but a gaggle of Politian’s who simply feel they are above the law or who do not take their jobs seriously — sort of like the draftee into the Army and being shipped off to the war in Vietnam.

First our number one (1) issue is the notion of this Veteran’s Administration legislation that apparently went into effect sometime around 2000 to 2005, with analysis performed and brought back before Committee in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. This VA legislation has to do with administering medication, supervised by doctors on staff, prescribed by any practicing physician, to the VA patient who qualifies.

Sounds almost too good to be true basically if this were not America. As it stands now and get ready for this malarkey, it appears that our legislative staff in D.C. (Congress), quantified the legislation so as to have a hitch. I will not attempt to dumb-down my own business aspects by trying to make sense of this one to you.

But here’s an effort — Research upon research data suggests that Marijuana is one of the most efficient treatments for PTSD with veterans. However, insofar as our geniuses in Washington prepared the law (bombastically) it simply does not make sense. A doctor who works in that VA hospital or within the VA system is forbidden to prescribe marijuana for any patient. So go figure!

Hillary clintonOur number two (2) matter is just about equally as stupid. This matter is the proposal of stripping an individual of their citizenship rights if for some crazy reason they decided to leave this nation and joining al-Qaeda or ISIS or ISL. From Fox News Insider: “A prominent attorney is calling on lawmakers to pass legislation that would revoke the citizenship of any American who joins a terror group like ISIS or al Qaeda.”

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, told Neil Cavuto that right now there is a 011615_sekulow“loophole.”

He said the current law allows for citizenship to be revoked if an American joins a foreign state that is in conflict with the United States, but it doesn’t apply to terror organizations.

“There has to be due process under the Constitution. So there’s a process under the existing Immigration and Naturalization Act that sets forth the revocation of citizenship procedure. The problem is, right now, joining ISIS doesn’t qualify automatically for that status,” Sekulow explained.

Typical…now this is a precise example of how “reforming” an Act on the books is better than raw amnesty. So finally for today —

blue on blue passport“This legislation says the State Department can revoke a passport of any member of a foreign terrorist organization, like ISIS. It’s a crime. It’s a felony to be a member of a foreign terrorist organization. So when they go overseas, they’re radicalized, they can’t get back into the United States. In fact, they can’t use their American passport for any purpose.

Therefore our question becomes “How much of that information was subject to the previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and how much of it has been compromised?

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