Do You Remember When? Good ol’ fashioned Customer Service

Do You Remember When? Good ol’ fashioned Customer Service

irs-logoThis is an ol’ ruddy piece because when one is a writer by profession who experiences “writer’s rush” then hopefully he can write. So without further adieu, this piece is about the public’s civic duty as well as good ol’ fashioned customer service.

First I would love to dwell into that green placard on the sidebar to the right. This piece was written by Milton Friedman who, as I have found, was an American economist and statistician best known for his strong belief in free-market capitalism. Milton Friedman strongly opposed the views of Keynesian economists, encouraging governments to minimize their involvement in the economy by reducing taxes and ceasing inflationary policies.

During his time as professor at the University of Chicago, Friedman developed numerous free-market theories that opposed the views of traditional Keynesian economists. In his book A Monetary History of the United States, Friedman illustrates the role of monetary policy in creating and arguably worsening the Great Depression. Friedman’s work in the field of economics was recognized in 1976, when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

I want to say that this guy most likely has lost — more than I could ever have. On too Mr. Friedman — the man.

“Why have we had such a decline in moral climate? I submit to you that a major factor has been a change in the philosophy which has been dominant, a change from belief in individual responsibility to belief in social responsibility.”

Basically Friedman is justifying — why and what — may be the causality of the decline in moral climate. He further goes on to suggest he feels as though there has been a change in the once dominate philosophy in our nation. Friedman suggests that there has been a change in the belief of a person having individual responsibility to a belief in [a shared] social responsibility.

We did make mention of this in our previous writing — the basic notion of people not wanting to contribute to their society; furthermore, it should be clearly mentioned that any society that experiences this phenomenal decline in morality becomes far more dependent on the government’s assistance, primarily through entitlements.

Texaco_HatIn addition — the fortitude of personal responsibility such as commitment, work ethics, accountability, and transparency are the values that are in decline.

We will contend that where this aspiration is seen, and most often experienced is in good ol’ American customer service. If there is any one particular segment where the most obvious decline sprouts its ugliness is customer service. In fact, I will close this section off with an old, old saying: “The customer is always right.”

Having set the premise for a decline on an individual basis, does anyone know or remember why “the gas station” was 1954-mercury-1950s-chevron-gas-advertising-postcard_t2originally referred to as “the Service Station”?

It wasn’t that long ago when one drove into the Service Station that is exactly what they received. Service! It was nothing for one attendant to ask if he should “fill it up, or top your car off” whilst another attendant had already cleaned your windshield and was now doing cleaning maintenance on the side and back windows; I can clearly remember the day when an attendant with trash bucket in hand would empty every ash tray in the vehicle.

2943191508_cda6f0535aAnd finally when one drove into the Service Station it was expected that one would exit the automobile to go get some liquid libation or something for the kids. This is how the Service Stations grew — making a little extra with merchandise they sold — can you imagine an attendant approaching your auto carrying a small wisp broom attached to a dust pan? This is to say that when you went to the Service Station your vehicle’s glass, ashtrays, to include the floor of your auto being swept, before the attendant asked, “Can I check that oil for you now?”

So at least as far as customer service is concerned there appears to be a rather tremendous decline in personal responsibility insofar as how the customer service has changed within the Service Station business. It would be simple togas+attendant leave this report right here. However, when was the last time anyone reading went into a banking establishment?

One matter that I continue to be infuriated about is when one pays to have adequate customer service, such as in a banking institution, retail or grocery shopping, and there becomes a problem with what is advertised and what is available. Consequently, for matters with such detail, we will continue along with this ol’ ruddy article.


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