Why is it that the media and numbskulls say that Hillary Clinton has accomplished much..?

Why is it that the media and numbskulls say that Hillary Clinton has accomplished much..?

unlimited accessMost of my citations in the article will be from a best-selling book titled, Unlimited Access — A FBI Agent inside the Clinton White House. Gary Aldrich wrote the book and for me as a reader, Special Agent Aldrich has got a unique of writing. The first time through this book it was hard to contain my laughter. Hopefully I will be able to share such passages with you.

“As a trained investigator, an FBI special agent for a quarter of a century, I noticed first the “character profiling” things about the new Clinton administration — clothes, demeanor, the sort of language people used. And these were troubling indictors. But I quickly discovered more serious problems. These problems included an apparent total disregard for honesty, integrity, or even cooperating with me, with the FBI, so that I could do my job of proving the good character of new employees. It wasn’t too long before I found evidence not only of real criminal activity, but of the willful endangerment of the president, the White House staff, and national security.”

There also appears to be a reverence for the White House by Special Agent Aldrich, the sort of reverence that President Reagan had as well. President Reagan would not enter the Oval Office without first be dressed appropriately — which was a coat and tie. Imagine that kind of respect! It was not as though the president was going to walk in on him. I believe it was from, A Patriot’s History of the United States where I acquired that information.

Nonetheless Agent Aldrich entered the White House thinking, “I had landed a nice, white collar job — and it was at first. I never had any intention of writing a book about my time in the White House, and even now I feel somewhat uncomfortable about it. I’m sure that some very high-ranking officials that I came to know and respected from my former position during the President George H. W. Bush administration surely wanted to talk me out of it. However, given all of the hard work and, frankly, the pain and distress this book has caused me and my family, I almost wish I was talked out of it.

Ironically Special Agent Aldrich was approached by the FBI and they certainly did their best to dissuade him from 41fk94wsOYL._AA160_writing and receiving publication for the book. Although he tried various rewrites he found the FBI to be to be unreasonable with the strictures on the public’s right to know. Therefore he tells the readers, “at the onset that this book is going to press without the sanction of those at the FBI; however, he knew that much and his conscience compelled his to write the book.

“The end result of all our work was the protection of the reputation and credibility of the president. There were about seventy (70) days between the election and the inauguration — sufficient time to complete a large number of background investigations. But for some reason, there weren’t all that many cases coming in.”

Other warning signs were more ominous. The Clinton’s had been late for their own inauguration. According to impeccable sources who must remain anonymous disclosed, that one of the reasons the Clinton’s were late was because Vice President Gore had just found out that the West Wing office which was usually reserved for the Vice President was instead going to be occupied by the first lady.

movie-cameraNetwork news cameras, trained on Blair House the morning of the inauguration recorded a glimpse of the president and first lady screaming at each other! Clinton told Hillary that if she didn’t back off from her plans to unseat Gore, then Gore would go public with his anger and perhaps even resign.

Hillary shouted at him that as far as she was concerned, they had a deal — a deal that dated back to the campaign when she was convinced that Clinton had indeed had an affair with Gennifer Flowers. The matter had already been decided, she said, and she had no intention of backing off; Gore was bluffing.


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