Two Washington D.C. Primers that Unless Something is done about them…What is the hope for?

Two Washington D.C. Primers that Unless Something is done about them…What is the hope for?  

immigration_041013gn_0From very early this morning clicking between the various stock reports and what has now been identified as “applies to everyone, equal, the same,” let’s just for a moment unscramble these words, find a real meaning, and then let’s use our best judgment to see who would definitely fit into those who just seem to think that a lot of this does not apply to them.

Now then we think it is only appropriate to affix some outward stretch of an arm or two to illuminate how these people are getting away with it, we are!

Reading yesterdays article I came across and older axiom that said something about people — it is something that we refer to as, “Well they ALL have done it, however only __fill in blanks___ ______ got caught.” Have you ever thought about that axiom? Basically what is being implied here is that the unspeakable inequality is very much in existence.

At the open chance one may be confused over what has been written — allow me to shore it up. People in this country know everything there is to know about politics, civil rights, inequality v. equality and one more simple notion of how the laws of this land (e.g., U.S. Constitution) are supposed to apply to everyone, especially being equal and being treated the same. I do not think under normal circumstances this Nation would have the violating “criminals” that are in government and who literally have the means, motives, and opportunities to do what some of these people have pulled off.

I have a need to keep these issues down just a bit for spatial conventions (blog rules!) and quite openly — I need to know that you folks that I am capable of writing on various topics. Therefore, without any further adieu — here goes!

In our nation that we call with admirable affection, America, it is a rather perplexing notion to know that the white housecongressman/women and senator who are alleged to represent our best interests in their day-to-day working responsibilities on Capitol Hill, the Senate, or the White House simply do not represent us. Have you ever asked yourself this question: So in our newest Congressional members we have got some really awesome public servants — in fact we even had a congressman that slept on a cot in his own office because he didn’t have the cash flow to set up a house — Blah, blah! or even an apartment!

Hey I will not sit here and even make an inference about this congressman simply because it wouldn’t be true and that ladies and gentlemen, is where our country’s main-stream media has gone so wrong. However, with all dignity intact it is too bad that we don’t have at the very least one thousand representatives exactly like him.

I brought up some ugliness to you within the last two days and I’m not proud of it whatsoever. If we are to honor the rules…play by the rules, then what the Founders worried about so much inevitably knowing the hearts and true intentions of public officials their worries have outdone everything they thought capable of doing.

s-RANGEL-largeCharlie Rangel, you know him, first he owes well over a couple million dollars in back taxes. No doubt you’ve seen the commercial where hundreds of people are going through an IRS audit at the same time it shows garnishment of the person’s wages, all the while Rep. Charlie Rangel remains in the background laughing it off.

Now I would just like to know what your opinion is regarding Hillary Clinton and her very aloof server. You see one is ethically and morally bankrupt if they were to use their own email systems in U.S. government proceedings. She wasn’t going to say a word about this idiosyncrasy but someone got to the New York Times. Now if you or I somehow began working in the State department, White House, or anywhere in Washington D.C., and we used our own email accounts — well suffice it to say we be jailed.

Now as far as our President is concerned seriously, he doesn’t need a law to be broken. In some instances he as vowed never to do some of the things he has already done. There didn’t exist a law regarding amnesty… so let’s make a new law just between us and break the stuffing out of it. Where does it say in our Constitution that President Obama can sit Congressionally responsibility and give five million illegal aliens the right to stay and continue on?


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