Iranian President divulges his Perspective

nlogoIranian President divulges his Perspective 

The memory of signing the joint statement by Tehran and six world powers for a final deal on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program will remain in people’s minds forever, President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday in a televised address.

images_stories_edimIran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) signed a framework nuclear deal on Thursday in Lausanne, Switzerland, after eight days of hugely intensive negotiations. Better the truth be illuminated — these negotiations have gone on for three years including two separate rather long term breaks in the negotiating process.

Rouhani said the world should know that Iranians would keep their promises and will live up to such promises provided that the opposite side abides by its promises as well.

The president also said the world has come to the understanding that producing nuclear fuel on the Iranian soil does not pose threat to any country. We respect his right to say this, however we further believe he is incorrect. When one speaks on behalf of the world, that proposition takes on every person and/or nation on the planet. He has and will continue to have difficulties as long as Israel remains under a direct threat.

“In the framework of the agreement that we reached at last night (late Thursday) the 5+1 accepted that Iran has enrichment on its soil,” he said. Now this is a completely different statement than he offered on a prior occasion. (See statement above.)

He added, “Yesterday, they said enrichment in Iran is a threat to the region and the world but today all have acknowledged that enrichment in Iran is not a threat to anybody.” We do not believe that this sentence is expressed correctly — which we further believe is a “tall tale” sign of what may be in the agreement. Use the language as a paramount factor when decision-making.

He also said if some day the other side decides to choose a new path, the way would be open to the Iranian nation to c_245_120_16777215_0_images_stories_edim_ed8191b2-1894-49ab-9d1d-6f8b6ae42901make a proportionate response as well. This is the second time he has made this remark; therefore, what does he know that the rest of the nations involved do not know.

The nuclear agreement is just a step toward interaction with the world including all those countries that want to respect the Iranian nation and “work with the people of Iran within framework” of mutual interests, Rouhani asserted.

President Rouhani also stated that there is no doubt that cooperation and interaction will benefit all. Rouhani added that all the six UN sanctions resolutions against Iran would be lifted at once when the tentative agreement between Iran and world powers is finalized.

EnglishFirst issue is that the UN sanctions resolutions would be “lifted at once” as soon as the tentative agreement between Iran and the world powers is finalized. Once the tentative agreement is finalized, it is no longer the “tentative agreement.” In our minds we believe that the Iranian president revealed what possibly could be on his mind.

He also said some people at home believe that Iran should either fight with the world powers or surrender to them, but there is a third way, which is interaction with the world. This is the veiled threat that has me a bit skeptical. If there is anything that we (our government) should have learned by now it is in the nature and beliefs of most of the people.


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