Who Needs Another Clinton..?

Who Needs Another Clinton..?

Hillary clintonAs for me it is far more than typing that title. I ask myself over and over again why…and who really needs this bit of Nation taken hostage? Okay just the other day I was speaking and used this analogy of another time of this Nation taken hostage.

Well if we were to engage in crowd reaction, then the notion would be proof positive that the crowd loved it — [applause, jeering, and a fair bit of laughter.] Then again, there was in attendance quite a few of “Hillary’s Assault” team that remained as plain faced as one could perceive.

So what do you think happens? Spot-on indeed! The first question I received from a “frowner” was (quite frantically) a question impaled with anger, short, rather curt, and exceedingly argumentative — “What do you mean exactly by “Nation taken hostage?”

I maintained my cool yet, that question was the least I thought I’d be answering. So to start with I did not look to paint this in a political argument; rather, I simply stated, what did Mrs. Clinton hope to do for this country that we have not heard of either for two terms that her husband, President Clinton, had already used; moreover, with the carrot dangling about her position (Run v. Not Run), and again, she is telling the same stories — as awful as they can become — as her predecessor has told, and she was not presenting any agenda that is remotely new.

Now for the average person wouldn’t you think that was enough? Actually I was the invited guest at a local book & coffee 4 2 - CopyBarista shop — and I was not addressing politics whatsoever. But just as sure as there is God, another question from a frowned one came to me. The way in which I decided to go with these questions was — Socratically — so as to ensure participant participation as much as possible.

Therefore once the rhetoric was addressed regarding Hillary’s book signing tour, which seemed to be immediately after she was released from the hospital, given unsatisfactory comments on her role in Benghazi, and “we are broke…we have no money” claims she made whilst hitting every conceivable late night talk show television series available.

Quite openly I know that I have made myself open and ready to her facilitate:

  • Hillary Clinton could be helped by an improving climate for women in politics
  • Republicans hope the gender play backfires and that voters are fatigued by identity politics
  • The emphasis on women as a possible campaign theme is a reversal of her 2008 strategy

When anyone puts together the entire scenario of Hillary Clinton’s missing soft email, while at the same instant knowing that there is evidence of communication regarding Benghazi, Libya on the server.

For what’s it worth I feel that there us far to baggage surrounding one candidate, this is outright luggage. Is the leadership of our nation going to get stronger as a result of Mrs. Clinton? How about equality in domestic affairs? Will she go into a Imperialistic tirade and completely disregard America’s founding documents?


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One Response to Who Needs Another Clinton..?

  1. thomlucci says:

    Yes, I’d like to see a woman president someday, but not THAT bitch, Hillary.

    She is deluged with scandals and controversies like Whitewater, Benghazi, claims she is a lesbian, a completely ineffective, worthless, do nothing Secretary of State, deleted emails, refuses to turn over her server, claims she and her husband were flat broke, the campaign fund scandal, and more. She is foul-mouthed, verbally abusive to her Secret Service detail, hates the military, is more socialist than democratic or American, a liar, and a fraud. Many of the people involved in the controversies surrounding the Clinton’s have either mysteriously died or were equally mysteriously murdered. I honestly believe the clues lead straight back to that bitch, Hillary.

    Just as Obama was elected based mostly by the color of his skin, Hillary has supporters based on her gender. No longer is it chic to vote for a candidate’s intangible qualities like honesty, integrity, patriotism, courage, etc. NOW it is chic to vote for a candidate based on what they LOOK like.

    If that trend continues, this nation is doomed. We will never see another Reagan, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Kennedy. We’ll only have wimps who are unqualified, dishonest, racist, self-serving, domestic enemies, and so on for a president.

    I hope she will be so devastatingly humiliated in the primaries the Democratic Party will drop her like a hot potato.

    Anyone who votes/supports Hillary can only be: 1) IGNORING her controversial political life and the scandals surrounding her, 2) blind, 3) ignorant, 4) bases their support on her gender, and/or 5) a complete and indisputable moron.

    I despise her as much as I despise that racist domestic enemy now residing in the White House, and I’ve never despised anyone that much my entire life.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand my feelings about ole Hillary. If she came to my town and held out her hand to shake mine, I’d turn my back and walk away from her, and I would love to see that on TV.


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