Small but Enduring Questions that Somehow never get Answered

Small but Enduring Questions that Somehow never get Answered

white houseRealize — these are the times that aspiring journalists wait usually their entire lives for — just if you will take a slight walk with me and look to the right then again to the left because there is more news happening now than at any other time I can recall in these young years.

Yes — we will need to start in our own country insofar as the lack of leadership at home normally is at the helm with much more volatile actions that besiege other nations. Whilst on our walk, I dare or implore you to see if there has been any kind of accountability and/or closure on the massive significant problems we are experiencing here and now. What about resolution? secret5

Immigration reform or Amnesty International or come on over to anyone, anything, the USA is the place. Or so those aligned with Barack Obama are hailing from sea to shining sea. Here’s what a mayor in Georgia had to say recently. “I think that folks that don’t embrace these communities,” he continued without identifying anyone, “are on the wrong side of history, No. 1, and they are also on the wrong side of the economy.”

Furthermore, Reed, a Democrat who has been outspoken in support of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration, also criticized Texas’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott. Texas is leading a group of 25 other states — including Georgia — in suing to block the Obama administration’s plans to shield from deportation millions of immigrants without legal status. The states argue those plans amount to an unconstitutional end-run around Congress.

As far as immigration reform is concerned, there has been nothing — absolutely nothing that any Congressional official has brought

More! About what...oh Behghazi.

More! About what…oh Behghazi.

forth with the exception of leaving the entire situation until after the election. Obama with his pen has done some things about the situation albeit, things he said in campaigns, on video tapes, in interviews that he would not do because they were illegal.

As far as that situation is concerned, nothing has been done…period. Whose accountable? Another rather significant slew of idiosyncrasies has been going on with the United States Secret Service. However, these idiosyncrasies have not only the people in charge of the blunders but the Inspector General and Chief of the Service as well.

It only takes one minor blunder to take a Head of State out. But what is up with shots fired into a second-story window with plenty enough to leave enough scaring around that particular window and others as well. The preliminary investigation showed bullet fragments on the ground level as well as other windows on the first floor.

Notwithstanding, these bullet, brick, and glass (or places of entry) were being investigated during the same period that some deranged individual decided on a “no invitation necessary” tour of the White House, which incidentally got the White House all brand new fencing around the grounds. We do not think that it would be gross to ask the president how did he get the fence so quickly, whilst the southern border fence remains weak, unfinished, and tattered. Yet it remains the #1 get-it-done before this legislation goes further, right Mr. Reid?

irs-logoAs far as we are concerned the generations of those that are in leadership positions in the U.S. federal government are actually no different than those of the Millennial Generation! Just how the Millennia’s have faded with their values and morals and ethics responsibilities so what has changed? The latest and most egregious is this “No Firing” responsibility that far too many in Washington have.


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