Ridiculous, disgusting behavior now hits Baltimore

Ridiculous, disgusting behavior now hits Baltimore

bs-md-ci-freddie-gray-funeral-20150427Well as recorded in the annals of humankind, this despicable rubbish that is currently going on in the great original colony of Maryland, is really fast, as far as the cycle of discontent amongst various mob ordered gangs fighting none other than the local police and I want to ask any alleged leader of the famous Cripps, or Bloods, or any single person from the Nation of Black Gorillas, this question:

Why have you gathered — illegally I remind you — at the weekends Oriels games? Why are you carrying on as a hoodlum, leaving destruction and obliterating violence against anything or anyone? (It takes a permit from the city/county to demonstrate.)

Oh yes I remember 1959 to 1980 very easily when television networks did not cover protesting or rioting for civilities bal-orioles-fans-protest-tickets-20150427sake. So we listened as the perpetrators’ left Wilmington, Compton, and Watts and began their violence in the streets of Los Angeles California and the southward, we started planning.

But as soon as I became aware of why these individuals were protesting I totally emphasized with them. What America did to these individuals was nothing short of unconscionable! Every form of dignity had been stripped away from them. Even their day-to-day activities “restrooms for negroes” or “whites only” just about at every restaurant and definitely movie theaters’, however, this kind of horrendous treatment got much, much worse.

bal-university-of-baltimore-closes-amid-high-school-purge-threat-20150427What could possibly be worse? These individuals were robbed of their civil rights so — imagine what happened if a group of young ladies were out after curfew? For a period of years not a month went by that there was not some special report coming from the television normally about little girls getting raped or little boys being murdered for how many untold stories.

I believe that this is where my line — which is very visible — feels and sees the irony. And that irony is that the people of different times certainly had a very good reason to put up some strife. Why? They had been denied their basic God given unalienable rights. And if was for this reason that I walked on the activist’s side. Yet, sure that initiates conversation about a Civil Rights Movement. However, from Ferguson MO, to St. Lewis MO, and then violence again in New York with undo reason for cops being assassinated, then through New Jersey and now it is Baltimore MD, does not even deserve the trouble it is making.

There is absolutely no reason why protesting and/or rioting should be happening in Baltimore; unless, these Cripps, white houseBloods, and The Nation of Black Gorillas are themselves (and I do not doubt this for an instant) expressing civil discord because that is where their leader, President Barack Obama, and his senseless and irrational mind has lead them.

As for me personally there cannot be any doubt whatsoever that what has already occurred in Washington would never had made it in my generation with severe backlash.


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  1. thomlucci says:

    And they wonder why their race is so despised. No other race does what they do. Looting stores, setting fires, assaulting people, destruction of property. Just ignorant, violent, worthless, deeply, deeply racist people. If Abraham Lincoln had done what he contemplated (sending them all back to Africa in 1865) just imagine how much better this country would be now. No Welfare, no race cards, no NAACP, no Al Sharpton, no United Negro College Fund, no murdering black savages….and the list goes on. Sigh. I sure wish Lincoln had consulted a psychic or a crystal ball. The blacks are so ignorant, so uneducated, so deeply racist, so violent, they wonder why they are so deeply despised. They live in a free country with more opportunities than any other race in the world. . .and the first thing that comes to mind is RIOT, LOOT, SET FIRES, ASSAULT PEOPLE, MURDER PEOPLE, DESTROY PROPERTY. . . the choices of morons just BARELY a step above monkeys. What a worthless group of people.


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