Entitlements, Special Interests, and Washington

moiimagesEntitlements, Special Interests, and Washington

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a cop. Given the state of political options that ruminate — such as our open willingness to break the rule of law — the notion is envisaged that we have created a lawless society. This “lawless society” is the beast of burden on a conservatives back insofar as keeping up to date with the endless shaping of things we all have loved — one way or the other — normally referred to as tradition.

Please do not get me wrong as you’re reading. Further explanation is needed pursuant to tradition. What it is that I am not referring to is tradition for traditions sake; moreover, when addressing such notions as tradition, what notion of tradition are we talking about?

First let’s look at education. Could it be argued and therefore proven that the standards of learning at each and every isi_logolevel of the education spectrum have not only been compromised, but shattered as the curriculum has been. Goodness friends we have entire school districts voting on whether or not our own civics needs to be taken for years and many states are requiring that a Civics Aptitude Test be rolled in to confirm graduation or not.

Because the government has been involved for so many years — whilst too many bad habits have occurred — many scholars and those involved in academia believe that the entire system get overhauled. Therefore the moral of this story is that rather than build a huge fence around schools, please — let’s not cut them away from institutionalized tradition where antiquity matters. This is indeed what I mean about conservatism within the realm of society and within the lives of those who matter.

What is the epitome of higher education these days? It is the Ivy League universities! However here is a little known fact about this prestigious amalgamation of colleges — that the majority of the universities — have roots in the Judeo-Christian ideology. In fact, the majority of pre-revolutionary as well as post-revolutionary higher education establishments were founded by Christians or a conglomerate of such.

admin-ajax (1)Why does this deserve time, energy, and resources from this blog? Simply because we as concerned citizens sense a falling away from the “America” that was the great place in the U.S.A. People talk about the American Dream…oh sure how they desperately need to find it; however, are those who are looking for a “Dream” prepared to take the responsibility and accountability once it has been found?

Some incidents that happen here in America are wholly with a purpose. For example, professional athletes have a preconceived notion that they exist in either a different world, even a different universe. The crimes they have committed with children, wives, women, other men, just about everyone they come into contact with is going to eventuate into a crime. The entire Nation’s Capital — Washington D.C., — has committed some of the most egregious acts in human history. I believe that the naivety or outright display of human nature has become consumed in Washington.

Please remember that is was conservatism that brought corporations, banking, and capitalism to this nation; however, tmpZWr3oc-mdly-photothat certainly is not to brandish anyone as Satan. Liberals as well as conservatives wanted more, more, and more. The tremendous energies unleashed by capitalism proved every bit as disruptive as the republican beliefs of the mid-seventeenth century. Suddenly money, self-interest, and luxury were being lauded as virtues.

And finally for today, in 1714 Bernard de Mandeville, a Dutch physician who had immigrated to England, wrote an infamous book whose sub-title alone provoked mass outrage. The Fable of the Bees: Or, Private Vices, Public Benefits describes a thriving bee colony that collapses as soon as it decides to begin acting selflessly and virtuously.


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