Who could be the Perpetrators of the Violence in Baltimore…

Who could be the Perpetrators of the Violence in Baltimore…

gavelBaltimore’s top prosecutor announced Friday that six officers would face charges in the death of Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old black man whose death after an injury in police custody sparked protests in the city.

Has anyone looked at a calendar lately? This is a testament to a civil disobedience cycle that has been replicating for years — albeit, what has been taken place in Baltimore Maryland, is perhaps a little bit ahead of the normal civil discord that normally happens in late July through August and September on an annual basis.

Baltimore’s chief prosecutor, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, announced charges against six officers in the death of Freddie Gray. Mosby, 35, surprised legal observers by filing charges against the officers herself, rather than seeking a grand jury indictment, a day after receiving the results of the internal police investigation and an official autopsy report. The decision, however, was consistent with her campaign pledge to hold police accountable.

Just when you thought you have heard it all! This line intrigues me: “The decision, bal-university-of-baltimore-closes-amid-high-school-purge-threat-20150427however, was consistent with her campaign pledge to hold police accountable.” Let us share with you that aside from the dysfunctional Marilyn Mosby — a campaign around “holding the police accountable.” should amount to either a forced resignation or her firing. Accountability we believe is not a one-sided story, in our minds accountability needs to always address two or more of the parties involved.

Another very dysfunctional shred of leadership in Baltimore is the current Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who said she was “sickened and heartbroken” at the charges, came under fire twice this past week — first, in holding off requesting assistance from the National Guard and then in calling the city’s protesters “thugs” during a press conference. The exasperation of the rioting did not happen by conduct of police officers, accountability, or any other sociological misnomer one can possibly dream-up. Basically (see timeline of rioting in above mentioned link or click here), what kind of metro city mayor goes on public media and asks her own police department to “stand-down”? That is the day the bombs started exploding.

It comes as no surprise to those acquainted with the leadership of Baltimore Maryland, that it is not a diversely selected amount of racial balance. Almost all of the leadership positions are taken by African Americans.

Numerous witness testimony’s that are beginning to unfold are these rather astonishing well-known trouble spots. It is a publically known fact here that those (i.e.,) Crips, Bloods, and other organizing gang groups, lead Baltimore’s African American population in the destruction of targeted Asian American and Islamic American privately owned businesses. Now pardon me, but this is pure racism. In fact, the shops and businesses owned by Asians suffered at the highest rate followed by a closely held second place, Latino American.

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  1. thomlucci says:

    Abraham Lincoln really pisses me off. All this rioting shit would not be happening if he had done what he considered: sending them all back to Africa in 1865—or sooner.

    Of course, the prosecutor, the rookie prosecutor, went around the grand jury. She is black. What other decision does anyone think she would make?

    This first thing that comes to the ignorant brains of Negroes is to riot. “Hey, bro, if we riot, we can steal some really great shit! We can ‘get off’ by destroying cars and buildings! We gonna show dem muhfuggers!”


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