Moral Heroism Without Morality, a Different Look

Moral Heroism Without Morality, a Different Look

1297263838-city-methodist-church-sanctuary-528x352In an attempt to assist our reader’s with a reference point, the following article was mostly written by Jonah Goldberg, for his Friday column called the G-File. This particular article was written around Good Friday of this year when Indiana’s leadership tried to legislate some material into the law; mind you, for protection of the religion, people, and immediately for their rights. As is known around here, this author enjoys reading the clearly right-winged magazine, because of the strength of its writers. Therefore I merely did some commenting on some of the piece and took liberty adding my own feelings about other articles written in the past by me.

Indeed, this whole ridiculous, insane, paranoid, sanctimonious, bullying, freak-out has me despairing for the country. I don’t know that I can do another stem-winder on the liberal standardization, or the fact that real, meaningful, diversity must be a diversity of customs, institutions, and communities. Civil society is where life happens; we want it to be as rich an ecosystem as it can be. That means tolerating — or even celebrating — hippies and drag queens in San Francisco, but it also means tolerating — or even celebrating — religious and observant people, too. All the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act was intended to do was to give millions of Americans a little space to be and do what their religion tells them they must. If that faith goes too far, than the common good trumps it. But short of that, let people be for God’s sake.

But I also believe that in a perfect world businesses should be able to decline service to anyone for almost any reason. I firmly believe in the right of people to exit systems and institutions they do not want to belong to. I’m much less committed to the idea that people must be able to join any institution or group they want to just because they want to. I could have sworn that even liberals believed that freedom means the freedom to create the rules you want to live by, individually and collectively. In a perfect world, campus Christian groups could have rules barring, you know, non-Christians from joining. Call me a utopian, but I think the producers of the “Vagina Monologues” should not be bullied into including performers with penises (giving a whole new meaning to “cast member”).

I am sure that just about every person reading this blog knows how we, as an organization Critical-Thinking-Concepts-Toolsand as individuals feel about the 1st Amendment especially the liberties bestowed upon religion. For your reflection please see either archives or categories with search terms such as clauses, religious rights, Elane Huguenin, New Mexico State Supreme Court, where anyone could find articles that give (cliché) book, chapter, verse, and the Founding Father’s endorsement of such and therefore laid them in the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, we also know that because of various articles written by our authors about Thomas Jefferson and his letter to the Baptist congregation at Danbury Connecticut, hence the “Wall of separation between church and state” was indeed the first time the Constitution — “being grounded in law” — was used to intervene something having to do with religious matters.

From this organizations perspective it is certainly believed that mainstream America particularly the media and all other biases forthwith seem to be going after everything “religiosity” these days at a much more fevered pitch than in times of yesteryear. Therefore time is needed to warn folks that where Muslims, Jews, and every other refugee and asylum seekers get protected status, please remember that Christians do not.


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