Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl

Tom Brady cheated his way to a Super Bowl

tempPats-Colts-AFC_019--nfl_mezz_1280_1024I just hate the notion that a person even has a job that they are not qualified. Here is for the most part a story, myth, or wishful thinking that has a very misinformed person trying to convince anyone — that based on conjecture, most likely a foregone bet, and an extremely poor attitude — that somewhere or somehow Mr. Tom Brady had something to do with deflating game balls during the AFC Finals.

Despite the headlines that say the Patriots weren’t proved to be involved in wrongdoing in the long-awaited Wells Report, they were. Just because it was lower-level employees doesn’t make the Pats any less culpable.

No, the report didn’t reveal some massive Watergate-style cover-up, but told us what we generally expected: Some assistant managers were messing around with the football, likely at the behest of Tom Brady. It’s not cause for a football death penalty, but it’s still cheating and shows the Pats haven’t learned a thing in the decade since their dalliance with illegal videotaping of teams.

But there’s no apology coming from Kraft. He doesn’t know to leave things alone and criticized the report for not having any “hard evidence” that the Patriots were involved in the deflation of balls. Which by all standards of investigation and indictment there must be some “hard evidence” when anyone makes such a claim.

But what does that mean — hard evidence? There’s not a videotape of it? The guys deflating the balls didn’t sit for an oil painting of them using a needle to get the balls to 11 PSI? It’s circumstantial evidence, hearsay and conjecture that Brady giving “the deflator,” the nickname the employee responsible for the deflation called himself, a pair of autographed footballs and signed a game-worn jersey that he had previously obtained was possible a thank you for getting those football to the illegal PSI which Brady preferred?

Maybe that’s not enough to get a conviction in a court of law, but in a court of common super bowl 49sense it was always likely Tom Brady knew. It was ridiculous all along to believe that a man who spent so much time handling footballs couldn’t tell the difference between one under-inflated and one properly inflated. Therefore, what’s the beef?

Brady doesn’t get to make that call. It appears he cheated and he did it knowingly. He should, and will, get suspended (probably for 2-4 games) because he knew the deflation of balls was against the rules and apparently stayed involved with it anyway.

Now I too have seen the famous Wells Report. And there is diddly-squat in that report, conducted and presented by some of the finest scientific minds the world over that even suggests that Mr. Brady had anything to do with ball deflation. And just maybe, maybe we can agree with the Indianapolis Colts assessment that by most, if not all of them stated after the game, “it really wouldn’t have made a difference what we were playing with…we got our a$$es kicked, by a better team, today.” 

tempDSP38445--nfl_mezz_1280_1024By Chris Chase — just who in Hades is hiring these unprofessional and oxymoron alleged writing professionals? Here is my theory about the mainstream media — we exist in a world today that is anything but devoid of news. If one were to think about it — no critical thinking necessary — one cannot go in any cardinal direction with there being some kind of conflict happening. Look at it from North Korea through the Indonesian corridor to Pakistan who knowingly and willfully gives safe haven to killers of every sort, let’s not forget Afghanistan with the world’s largest area of poppy-cum-opiates land mass is found by the way just a little south of the Golden Triangle where almost all heroine is at least manufactured in China, or if you prefer it another way, let’s take our first step south into the Caribbean or Mexico where we will find tonnage of cocaine and weed waiting to get it’s magic pass into the USA.

Ad nauseam folks — with the amount of murdering that is tolerated in the world, from mercy killings to female civil rights violations, one would think that Mr. Chase or at the very least his editor would put this kind of reporting away and see to it that the guy can write worthwhile journalism.


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