What kind of world are we living in..?

What kind of world are we living in..?

PATRIOTOkay — I make no issue about this — that I have “clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right and here I am [literally!] stuck in the middle with you”…(Bobby Dylan). Have you ever had that feeling — “Woke up, feel out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.” And somewhere the electronic media begins to play —

Suspend QB Tom Brady, New England Patriots, for cheating! This coming as a result of the Wells Report where after intense investigation with the use of the most prominent experts in the physics field, they indeed came up with no evidence to support that Mr. Brady had done anything remotely against the U.S. Constitution or more specifically, the NFL Rules Board.

Now just for the sake of complete coverage during the exact same time in process we listeners and/or watchers hear the reports of another investigation — only this one deals with the hallowed, feared, and disgusting Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It definitely seems as though in excess of 1600 IRS agents were caught skimming and defrauding us here in the United States of America! The results of the investigation show that 1600 or more IRS agents had cheated on their income tax filing. Not one of the 1600 was admonished; in fact, the results indicate 300px-No_IRS.svgthat they were most likely promoted!

It is well-known that the IRS Director and chief is currently sitting before a congressional committee explaining why he charged IRS employment staffs not to answer more than 60 percent of incoming calls on the helpline; subsequently, this was his order to show congress that the IRS indeed needed resources (i.e., money).

“Stuck in the middle with you,” is the feeling I have every time I see or hear the other Clinton’s, everyone of them except Hillary Clinton, who just happens to be a nominee for the office of the President in 2016. Have you ever seen a woman person despised by so many people — yet has a hard time letting go of the reigns?

hillary_collage_resizedHere we have a former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State, and First Whatever for eight years who has taken the law into her own hands and destroyed evidence from none other than her Charity’s server, which of course contains everything expense wise and text conversations she had with other enormously wealthy people that have since gone to cyber-space! And Bill knew everything about it, as well as Chelsea her daughter and some such officer in the Clinton Charity. Now who is going on the record for her — Bill and Chelsea!

What we have managed to come up with is that only 12 percent of the funds raised actually went to work — mind you, can that statistic be proved? Furthermore from the Charity’s filing we have learned that an exorbitant amount of money went toward salaries, talking fees, and ordinary office expenses. Yet, we still have a problem…Houston!

Here we have a person who wants to be President of this country, who still has yet to discuss anything on the record with reporters. This same individual was the Secretary of State during the Benghazi massacre – who can’t remember even the slightest details of a foreign service officers’ murder.

Wouldn’t you agree that we don’t punish, reprimand, or otherwise concern others when investigations come back as “likely,” “appears to have cheated,” or most importantly ““hard evidence” that the Patriots were involved in the deflation of balls. We, as a civilized society cannot possibly say — “oh now Tom Brady ‘likely at his own behest’ ‘appears to have collaborated’ with the deflation of the footballs prior to the AFC Championship game, however, ‘let the record show that there does not appear to be any ‘hard evidence'” to assist in destroying this man’s life. Would our judicial system even bring charges to hear such bull-squat?

Purge seems to be a word for most of the institutions with relationship with the executive branch. Someone in civil government must see to it that terminating a person for lying, pilfering, stealing, destroying evidence, all of which are crimes should be fired.


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