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brady2The NFL has suspended Tom Brady for the first four games of the next season and fined the New England Patriots $1 million over the “Deflate-Gate” scandal. The Patriots were also forced to forfeit a 2016 first rounder and 2017 fourth-round selection in the NFL Draft.

“Each player, no matter how accomplished and otherwise respected, has an obligation to comply with the rules and must be held accountable for his actions when those rules are violated and the public’s confidence in the game is called into question,” NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent wrote to Brady.

With all respect if Troy Vincent had anything to do with The New England Patriots’ and especially Mr. Tom Brady’s punishment then he’d be better off running and hiding just as his boss, Roger Goodell did.

Obviously, based on the written statement from Troy Vincent as well as the horrific “impossibilité d’achever” (French for “failure to complete”) on behalf of the commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, who ostensibly ran and hid his face a la Barack Obama.

GTY_tom_brady_jef_150507_4x3_992It is worth nothing to take a person’s civil rights away — then at the exact same time — punish any particular player or member of an organization. Sure there were some text messages exchanged between locker room personnel and Mr. Brady. However, since when does the request for a transcription of messages and using a civil right (violation of privacy) to say no to the request is a crime? Seriously, I can without thinking, just imagine submitted with respect, Tiger Woods and any number of his friends’ text messaging. What do you suppose members of the NBA would be thinking when it is common knowledge that the first, second, and third rows of seats are owned by players who can literally give them to anyone they so desire. Just imagine the texting that goes on in the NBA!

This is emblematic of the United States Secret Service who had been found to have facilitated in sex scandals with prostitutes whilst in Colombia, using U.S. taxpayer funds, driven drunk whilst on duty, parked wherever they wanted to, and incidentally let a convicted felon into an elevator with a bit more than a handgun. Now these agents did not have a whim or whimper that the elevator was for the President of the United States. When these agents were given their requests for text messages and/or emails they outright refused based on privacy grounds.

I quite openly admit to being a person of excessively high moral standards as well as live super bowl 49by a code of ethics that many of my friends find offensive. However, there comes a time in ordinary life when one is held to a completely different set of standards. When ordinary life demands that electronic messages be warranted for a crime that is a whole different matter. When it comes to the extraordinary celebrity type people — to invade their privacy rights is not an option.

The “Deflate-Gate” scandal, as it came to be known, erupted in late January after the Patriots’ victory over the Colts in the AFC Championship Game. It was determined after the game that Brady was using footballs that were deflated below the league’s minimum allowable level. (This is a complete contradiction according to the Wells Report.)

However — and let this be stated loudly — it is my humble opinion based on evidence gathered that all footballs had been tested and the Patriots’ mean weighing in was right at 12.6 ppi. The Indianapolis Colts also passed the test with their mean being right at 13.0. These measurements were supervised by all NFL officials who worked the AFC Championship game. So how could or would anyone make a statement such as, ” It was determined after the game that Brady was using footballs that were deflated below the league’s minimum allowable level.” And this is based on what evidence?

However, prior to ending this researched article, being a qualified, licensed, and efficient2012-01-25 19.16.02 professional soccer referee I need to make this comment. Anyone who knows squat about the game; furthermore, this talk is being made now by all sports officials, pundits, fans, and owners alike this punishment is something the NFL has to deal with.

As for my buck, where is the culpability and actions of the officials before, during, and after the game? Most of us complain about calls on the field, yet the call I am referring to is the call that the referee’s word is the absolute Law of the game. Why hasn’t Goodell investigated the officials who were on duty for this game? The Wells Report has been read and through the critical lens of this professional those referee’s on duty were far more culpable than Mr. Tom Brady.



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