It is as Easy having the Will to Reclaim America!

It is as Easy having the Will to Reclaim America!

originalThe first step of our Reclaim America Campaign is to provide the sound policy research required to turn our nation’s policy debates around. The Heritage Foundation, a uniquely bipartisan organization is ideally equipped to do that, with your help.

Your help today will assist our 100-plus logoexperts, economists, and scholars develop the conservative policy ideas necessary to:

Reclaim our economy, with bold economic solutions to scale back government and free the American people.

Never willing to tell people what to do is the way God created us — the ability to use our own minds as well as being free — it is suggested that each of us have a look at what is involved in reclaiming our Nation; therefore, once again leading the world by example in being tolerant and accepting.

Reclaim our culture, by making the case for why religious freedom, life, marriage, and a vibrant civil society matter for the survival of limited government.

Can any of us truthfully debate that a child does not have the right to enjoy life — or at least live one? As far as religious freedom, marriage, and a vibrant civil society are concerned — we must never forget what our Founding generation went through to instill these moral dynamics in most of us.

Reclaim our safety and security, with sound foreign and defense policies that repair the catastrophic damage of the Obama years.

Reclaim the Constitution and the rule of law, with determined action to defend the the goooo2nation’s laws and Americans’ civil liberties.

What really happens when one sees and knows that a Nation’s Commander-in-Chief or President knowingly and quite willingly does not observe, moreover, breaks the U.S. Constitution, or “America’s rule of law?” ♪♪♥ Well…I believe it’s time we stop (hey, hey hey…) and take a look around… ♪♪◊. Before we all experience that XXth Nervous Breakdown.

There is very little evidentiary facts that would not support that as a direct result we have wound up with a pathological and arrogant sleaze in the White House, that care little if anything towards our Nation. It is far worse when we see people within our own Nation select civil disobedience, rioting, looting, with a reckless disregard for the law enforcement agents who are just there to keep the peace.

forex-lrg-2Furthermore, as one witnesses any deliberate attempt to alter monetary exchange, so too they believe they have a right to do likewise, or, maybe we should simply ask Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Albert Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rep. Charles Rangel, Vice President Joe Biden, as well as the IRS who will take unlawfully what belongs to you for their own pockets.

And reclaim America’s First Principles, by demonstrating the timeless relevance of our Founders’ ideas to today’s citizens. Gentlemen there is nothing more insatiably alluring than demonstrating that moral values, ethics, and resolve do to other people.

Throughout American history, courageous patriots have stepped forward at times of crisis to save and advance the principles that made America great. Why should we alter that much sought after value system now?


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