Let’s Take Back our Nation

Let’s Take Back our Nation

6002539612345_1_fa220edcReclaim America, a revolutionary campaign—unprecedented by any policy organization—to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.” Knowing that I don’t need to remind anyone who reads this article but there comes those times in life when we — maybe not the cause of what is having it’s devastating effect within America — yet nonetheless we must hold our individual accountability, our awareness, and knowledge in queue and we must take the leadership by the horns and countermand the steps however unethical they may be.

Throughout American history, courageous patriots have stepped forward at times of crisisholder in contempt to save and advance the principles that made America great. As for us, this is the “American Way.” Today, America faces another crisis. More and more power is concentrated in Washington. Big government slowly but surely restricts our freedoms. Our nation’s defenses are weakening, and our core values are under attack. It’s time for you to take a stand for the same ideals that motivated the Founders more than two centuries ago: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

untitledHere are some examples of what the previous paragraph eloquently hides. According to Thomas Jefferson what attracted most of the millions of immigrants to America during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries was the high moral standards that most Americans lived by given those time periods. Today and for the last month the Pew Research Center has reports that Americans are running from Judeo — Christian beliefs. Sanctuary attendance is down for most religions. Interesting of note is that Thomas Jefferson’s mate, James Madison had stated that moral, ethical, and personal values were concepts that were determined by America’s belief systems. So why are we running from that which made us the most sought after country on earth?

There can be no doubt that our nation’s defenses are deliberately being weakened by the Tsar-Bombcurrent administration. Someone, anyone, please help me make sense of this notion! All one needs to do is look at the genocide going on in Syria, ISIS and/or ISL growth as they march through conquering and beheading journalists and Christians for propaganda purposes then move on over to Africa. There does not exist a remotely free country on the entire continent (Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, the DRC, Nigeria, Liberia, the whole of Northern Africa, are entering into concessions with ISIS and al-Qaeda. Would you agree that with Russia playing it’s games as well as all other smoking hot areas mentioned or not, why has the current administration decided on record down levels of defense spending?

Just today Cate Blanchette, Oscar winning award actress decided to inform the movie house people that she’d slept with women many times — and not for roles dictated by the film industry. My question is this one — who cares! This as far as we’re concerned is turning Mr. Tom Brady inside out; moreover, it is simply something that is so nonprofessional and devoid of privacy. Why is it that Ellen Page (Juno and Hard Candy) Megan Fox(-Green) (Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, Passion Play) and so many other femmes, Angelina Jolie, need to inform us of their sexual desires?

Your freedom is slipping away as Washington’s power grows. Your freedom is undermined by a more intrusive government, which increasingly dictates how you run your life. The principles of America’s Founding have never been more at risk.

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling ProblemWashington is taking over your health care. Encouraging illegal immigration as a political force to suppress your freedom. Raising your taxes. Enslaving your family by national debt. Coddling dictators and gutting our national defenses. While some “conservatives” may have abandoned principle or compromised needlessly. Reclaim America is a four category system that we will be presenting for you in the next posts. Thank you!


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