It is time to move and get too Reclaiming America!

It is time to move and get too Reclaiming America!

be calmYep — under normal operating procedures when individual citizens find something very amiss in Washington D.C., they or (we) do not have the confidence within any governmental agency or individuals claiming to be Congressional members to contact in order to hopefully establish a start in getting something done to correct what is mightily holding America back. What a shortfall!

Take for instance the current governmental subsidies that you and I are paying regardingillegals getting medicade and Obamacare ObamaCare. Although we may not even be members one way or another either some designated state agency will collect and forward our tax dollars through the state machines before they are put onto the wire to cover something for somebody based on what the current administration says to do.

All one need to do is look at how the government is setting up anything — for normal, mentally able citizens, ObamaCare from its initial starting point was a doomed mess. Consider the following:

Did the current administration under their C.E.O., President Barack Obama, ever establish the extent to which how much ObamaCare was going to cost a citizen or person working and earning here? No it did not. Prior to becoming the law of the land, there was not so much as a pretty sells-worthy brochure on the program. Why, and how can that be? Now let’s not play stupid here and embarrass ourselves further; let us admit to the facts that whilst this program was going through its due-diligence we had nothing shy of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, leading the chants and rants of let us write this so we can tell you.

Okay now, how many millions of us still voted for ObamaCare? Saying nothing of wanting to pass legislation without the correct knowledge of costs or even what was in the Bill. Understand folks please, we were voting on a man’s idea who has never been in business. But what precisely was it that allowed the hose-head to be re-elected?

So is it unassuming to think that our national leadership was in fact behind this piece of legislation? All one need to do is think about the typical schemes used. All are all bribing schemes that went on behind closed doors between your Member of Congress and either the House Speaker, Vice President, or Barack Obama.

caduces and moneyWhat I am suggesting here is ear-marked funding to pay for votes, Congressional approval, all this and much, much more! The “Hail Mary” was the term affixed to an unnamed state and appropriated funds, in this particular case it was 200 million. Much is the same for the “Cornhusker” which involved the mascot named university and special interest groups only this one was for 300 million. Louisiana received somewhere around 300 million for an effort to secure votes in Congress to get this rubbish passed.

congress moneyThe most transparent administration — that you were told — in the history of America! Anyone who didn’t see this one coming simply was not paying attention.

I maintain a certain level of communication with the most “sold out” representative in the House as well as the ever-so-up-himself senator; two individuals that have record tenures in their positions. With Rep. Elijah Cummings I ask myself if I have ever met a more loftily dumb congressional official. It took him awhile, but we are on about a once to twice per month writing schedule. The other dimwit who holds office in Washington D.C., is Sen. Ben Cardin who simply is worth less than excrement. Although Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski and I have had written correspondence, it is not regular, however, I do believe her to be an honorable woman senator.

heritage-foundationThe Heritage Foundation is America’s most broadly-supported policy organization. We effectively communicate rigorous conservative policy research to Congress and the American people. Backed financially by nearly 600,000 Americans, our more than 100 policy experts and researchers are invited to testify before Congress nearly 40 times a year. Furthermore, experts appear daily in America’s top news outlets, and have promoted principled solutions for more than 40 years.


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