Reclaiming America

Reclaiming America

KY-60-percent_400x400-300x300To meet the crisis, Heritage is launching Reclaim America, a revolutionary campaign—unprecedented by any policy organization—to rapidly restore the constitutional rule of “We the People.” It is very worthy to note that many issues and matters that were once against the U.S. Constitution have slowly and quite surely become law. We did reference this point yesterday with some examples however, how could anyone watch and see the damage — to both the government and to us through regulating people whilst doing their jobs?

Consider if you will the matter of fact damage — often times when assessing to amounts of download - Copyfunding being distributed for regulation — which currently lands between $ 80 billion and $ 2 trillion dollars per year. In all your considering please note for understanding the notion of the usurpation of politics whereby other agencies and individuals are determining what figures are to be spent. The disastrous results seem to be a hot line number within the judiciary.

Reclaim America will use four revolutionary strategies to drastically reduce Washington’s power. We will liberate Americans from big government, dethrone the special interests that hold sway over both parties, and end the chokehold the Left has on America.

As well as 38 other states are pushing to ban his happy go lucky program

As well as 38 other states are pushing to ban his happy go lucky program

One of the revolutionary strategies mentioned in yesterday’s article was would something along the lines of Reclaim our Economy, with bold economic solutions to scale back government and free the American people. As far as we see it adding on regulations adds to the size of the federal government; moreover, adding to regulations also makes us into a position of slavery to that very government.

The Welfare Reform Act put forth by President Bill Clinton was a step in the right direction. First, based on this act Welfare recipients fell amazingly by 50 percent! Accordingly this must have assisted those in the middle-class(es); secondly, although not by the sake of the banks of our Nation everyone or there about was purchasing a home. There is nothing that feels better than when one goes out to work and from the fruits of their labor are able to spend quality time with their children, some grandchildren, on quality land like your own back yard.

I may be wrong, but not a whole lot was being addressed or even seen or heard as racism. This is during the same period when bumper sticker, signs, and posts read, “Please don’t do anything for me.” Everyone had a point and means to work and I was a proud American.

But did this last? No, not at all. As soon as Obama’s Administration landed in WashingtonHead Start D.C., he and he alone decided to conduct round two of Welfare Reform. Forty six percent of new users began to receive this entitlement as well as my huge pet peeve the Head Start program. Now this is the same program where a person receives their first “Obama Phone,” eligible for the SNAP program which is a fancy way of stating “Food Stamps,” so why then do I have a problem — a huge problem with Head Start?

Head StartInsofar as educational experts waited on a longitudinal study that lasted the better part of 15 years — and inasmuch as the Head Start analysis had been done, it was nonetheless Barack Obama who with malice aforethought delayed the distribution of that report until after his election and “recometh” of yet another 4 more years as president when the results of the Head Start program we’re beginning to leak — at the very least the analysis showed that the program was still useless. Notwithstanding any good or common sense the POTUS kept writing to reaffirm the program even though it is a mess.


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